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The types of stretching and tips on preparing for the implementation of the twine

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The types of stretching and tips on preparing for the implementation of the twine

The contents

  • Varieties of stretch marks
  • The fitness recommendations for the successful development of twine
  • A set of exercises
  • Use on the string stretching

Flexible and plastic body is the dream of any athlete, so the ability to do the splits is the subject of pride. However, not every person has an innate flexibility, and someone does a hard time with all kinds of gymnastic exercises. So a good stretch is a sign not only stretch the muscles, but also hard work. This means that the splits can if you regularly practice and hone skills. Even beginners can achieve wonderful flexibility of the muscles and ligaments, if they comply with all the recommendations of professionals and follow proper technique perform physical activity.

Fitness to achieve lateral and longitudinal splits both at home and group training in the gym. Most modern sports fields (yoga, callanetics, Pilates, body ballet) include gymnastic loading, designed to stretch muscles, pumping flexibility, elasticity and overall mobility. The latter option is particularly suitable for beginners or older people, especially those in need of constant, but gentle load.

Varieties of stretch marks

When it comes to twine, as a rule, comes to mind only the longitudinal and transverse option. Actually, however, variations of this gymnastic element any more: there is also provinol twine, vertical and twine on hand.

The forward split is considered to be one of the easiest variations of twine, so begin to develop in the first place. Fitness training based on the principle of pumping the inner thighs — that’s because when you run this version of twine aktiviziruyutsya the same muscles, as in walking.

After the development of the longitudinal splits is much easier given its cross variation. The longitudinal option fiznagruzki you can perform with the leading right or left foot. It is very important to train both of these varieties: the implementation of the string only on the right leg is unable to guarantee successful and twine on the left limb, too, and Vice versa.

The transverse version of the stretch is more beneficial to health, as it not only develops the joints, gluteal muscles and thigh muscles, but also activates blood circulation in the pelvis. For the development of cross-species element is to choose a district for stretching small muscles that walking or running is involved less frequently.

Provena modification twine — a sophisticated form of the cross. It assumes an angle of more than 180 degrees between the right and left leg, while one extremity should lie in a horizontal position, and the second to be stretched. Such gymnastic skills it is possible to achieve a little: ballerinas and gymnasts doing intensive enough to develop provinol twine. It requires tremendous flexibility, plasticity, as well as a powerful physical training.

Vertical version of the splits are performed from a standing position: one foot is located on the floor, and the free leg is raised up to the formation of the perpendicular with the floor. This type of load is considered to be one of the most difficult in technical terms, since his demonstrations need to develop the spinal muscles and the press. Simultaneously, the vertical splits are very effective and graceful.

The fitness recommendations for the successful development of twine

In order to properly and quickly do the splits, no need to enroll in a fitness center for the development of a program for stretching. To get a nice stretch at home even, but would need to take into account many nuances.

  • Always start a workout with warm-up exercises warm-up the unit will warm up the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and eliminates the risk of injury. Optimal warm-up can be even simple cardio: active walking with knees, jumping rope, light Jogging on the treadmill, swimming.
  • After performing the training complex should be qualitatively relax the muscles and ligaments. For this, you can perform a simple load in the form of spins, dips, turns, and take a hot bath. Particularly favorably on the quality of training affect massage which will increase blood flow and lymph flow in soft tissues.
  • To control correct execution of exercises use a mirror and practice better video tutorials recognized in stretching instructors.
  • Do not engage in fitness longer than 40 minutes, otherwise it can lead to overexertion of muscles.
  • Build a schedule of classes so that between the days of the trainings were 1-2 days for recovery.
  • All movements do smoothly and slowly. Avoid shocks, jerks, sudden movements that can injure the ligament.
  • A set of exercises

    Exercises for the proper performance of the splits vary in complexity: more intense, heavy variants should be performed at the end of the workout. An inexperienced person should not practice all physical activity in one day. Enough to choose 5 elements of the stretch and repeat them during the 30-40 minute session. Every time the movements can be alternated to combine and ways to combine among themselves in order to avoid uniformity.

    The best options of physical activity for proper stretching:

    • leg swings forward and back;
    • leg swings right and left;
    • “butterfly” with the wide cultivation of the feet;
    • wide squats-plie;
    • rolls from side to side in a squat;
    • bending to the floor with a raised leg;
    • raising the legs in the supine position;
    • “swallow” with the touch a floor hands;
    • raising the legs from a standing position, focusing on your palms and then elbows;
    • bending each leg in a sitting position;
    • squats with lunge on each leg;
    • touch the floor in the slope from a standing position.

    Use on the string stretching

    Twine is not responsible holistic sanative function, but, nevertheless, it is useful to many categories of people. Particularly beneficial stretching effect the health of joints and ligaments of older people. A neat workout with slow movements may increase tissue elasticity and improve joint mobility.

    Young girls twine will enhance blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which will contribute to the prevention of gynecological diseases. Men twine is also useful in the prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system. Exercise helps normalize vascular blood flow, thereby decreasing the risk of varicose veins.

    Correctly performed the splits in the different variations will help people with sedentary lifestyles become more plastic, more flexible and leaner in just 30-40 minutes per day.

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