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The types of shapes in women: characteristics and differences

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What types of shapes are found in women? How to generate athletic body, depending on physiological characteristics? Which workout is suitable for every type of figure? The answers to these questions, read this article.

To determine what figure is in women much more than men. The main difficulty lies in the presence of various physiological characteristics: metabolism, endurance level, genetics. The type definition of the female figure is an important aspect that allows you to build an effective training program.


The system of classification body types of women and men depending on the weight of similar:

  • ectomorphy – low;
  • mesomorphy – normal;
  • endomorphy excess.

Each physique is different strengths and weaknesses, depending on which is made the right exercise.

For the fairer sex are characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders, which in determining the figure girls are for more clarification. Described problem is solved by measuring the chest, waist, hips. The procedure is carried out in a natural position of the body: no drawn belly and bra with a push up. Based on the results of the figure corresponds to one of five basic types:

Pear (triangle)

The triangle is characterized by wide hips and narrow shoulders. The disadvantage of this type – a tendency to gain fat in the buttocks and lower leg. In the presence of excess weight of the body above the belt varies slightly, and the waist doesn’t disappear.

The most common problem girls with pear-shaped figure – the appearance of cellulite. Therefore, training is based on the study:

  • back, shoulder, chest – to eliminate the asymmetry between the upper and lower part of the body;
  • feet with the purpose of formation of toned muscles and “drying” of body fat.

Physical exercises are performed in an intensive mode with the use of supersets and cardio. Load upper and lower body is performed in different days. Cardio should not be aimed at increasing muscle mass of the legs. The best option for compliance with this condition is swimming. The most effective exercises in working through the bottom, squats with jumps out and walking lunges.

H-shaped (rectangle)

The main drawback of the H-shaped body – no waist. The type of shape rectangle has the same width of the chest, pelvis and thighs. For this reason, in the formation of sports figures having difficulty. The advantage of the H-shaped body is a uniform distribution of body fat in the weight gain. This feature provides the impact of comprehensive training.

Exercises to shape rectangular type are concentrated on the elaboration of the lower part. This method facilitates the recruitment of muscle mass in the legs, thighs and buttocks, thereby forming waist. The minimum training program for girls with H-shaped figure consists of:

  • attacks;
  • sit-UPS with rotation;
  • tilting forward;
  • twisting on a press;
  • deadlift;
  • breeding and bench dumbbell in the supine position.

The acceleration of recruitment and preservation of muscle mass is due to the diet based on the consumption of quality proteins, kooperativnykh carbohydrates, foods containing omega-3 fatty acids.

V-shaped (inverted triangle)

Type inverted triangle features a broad shoulders and narrow hips. Fatty deposits build up in the upper part (chest, back). To form the sports body under normal weight training is based on the study of the lower section:

  • of the thigh;
  • buttocks;
  • abdominals.

For the normalization of body weight is increased calorie consumption by performing power exercises with large weights in reusable approaches and the minimum number of repetitions.

After weight stabilization the main part of the workout is cardio, prevents the accumulation of fatty deposits.

The lack of a V-shaped figure is an accelerated metabolism, which slows down the development of muscle. To improve the efficiency is 4-5 workouts a week with exercises on different muscle groups. Lower division trains: squats, lunges, deadlift. The upper section is studied by means of: push-UPS, breeding dumbbell in the supine position, a thrust rod to the belt in a standing position.

A mandatory component of training – a diet providing the body with creatine (found in meat products).

Hourglass (figure of eight)

The fairer sex has the same body type have the most proportionate and balanced figure. The weight gain is accompanied by a uniform distribution of fat fibers. In the presence of shape “hourglass” is the easiest way to keep the body in good shape. The training program has strict requirements and is based on personal preference.

The main objective of women with the figure “eight” – maintain athletic physique with a prevent the formation of fatty deposits. For this purpose strength training and cardio show the same performance. Recommended types of physical activity: aerobics, dancing, swimming, running, workouts on a stationary bike with light resistance.

For the formation of shape “hourglass” are:

  • twisting the press;
  • attacks;
  • squats;
  • the rise of the pelvis;
  • push-UPS;
  • exercises with dumbbells for training his hands.

Diet girls with this body type suggests stringent requirements. Prerequisite – limit daily intake to 1500 calories. The increase in specified amount creates the risk of weight gain.

Apple (circle)

Comparison of body types in women, this option involves the greatest number of difficulties in the formation athletic. The main advantage of the fairer sex, having an Apple shape – big bust, but the main drawback is wide waist. Women in this category are prone to weight gain concentrated in the belly area.

The training program for the study of the body and eliminate body fat includes aerobic exercise:

  • use the treadmill, bike or stepper;
  • aerobics;
  • cardio.

Load the legs and the press creates balance between the upper and lower part of the body. Recommended training the legs, hips and buttocks, as these areas are less likely to accumulate body fat. On each exercise is performed at least three approaches with a large number of repetitions.

Women have different kinds of shapes, but the formation of the sports body without a special diet. Exercise will help to bring the muscles in tone, and balanced meals to eliminate excess weight.

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