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The types of physical activity by age: what and when to do?

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The types of physical activity by age: what and when to do?

The contents

  • What physical activity do kids and teenagers?
  • The best kinds of exercise from 20 to 30 years
  • Fitness in adulthood: training from 30 to 40 years
  • Age 40 to 50: select workout and nutrition
  • Aging: what to do at this age?

Modern civilization gives to humanity the maximum of comfort and convenience: transport, elevators, escalators, etc. And that we really are moving much less, although nature was created for activity, not for a sedentary lifestyle. It is therefore an important exercise, sports and a variety of types of physical activity that will help to ensure that in the epoch of stillness we maintain their health. Any activity develops endurance and physical strength, prolongs the “working” state of the cardiovascular and respiratory system for years, prevents many diseases, not to mention the fact that it improves our mood and takes the stress and because all this is so important in the modern world. But for each age requires its own nature of physical activity and its specific training program. We will talk about what and who fits.

What physical activity do kids and teenagers?

Children move constantly, they are real restless, and little to hold them in place during even small time. This is normal and this should not be prevented to the extent possible. For young children physical activity should be consistent: try to “inject” all that energy into some kind of sport. Choose a the types of physical activity that are like him to training, he walked with pleasure, and not by compulsion: swimming, dancing, martial arts, team games. Research scientists-pediatricians from the United States prove that it is better to prefer more active classes for kids at a younger age than passive (music, languages, etc.).

But for older children and teenagers can already replace some athletic training more useful in the development of mental abilities. But in adolescence (especially in adolescence, one might even say!) you can’t ignore physical activity. During this period, the muscles often do not have time to develop so quickly as a growing bone is called the acceleration, when the child is quickly pulled up in growth, but becoming thin. Because the muscles along with proper nutrition for the muscles growth, it is necessary to pay due attention to support the growing skeleton.

The best kinds of exercise from 20 to 30 years

To 20-22 years in the body is at the peak of their physical form (and this will happen to about 27-30 years). At this time our body is able to consume a maximum of oxygen for the minimum time and distribute it between every muscle and every cell. Namely, the amount of oxygen depends on how effective you will be able to work in training. Therefore the best exercise in this age — the most intense. As a rule, from 20 to 30 years, professional athletes in the literal sense of the word, “conquer the summit”.

To 27-30 years (someone earlier) peak physical form begins to wane. But this period can be delayed if you gain more muscle mass. Everything is logical: the more muscle, the more oxygen they need for activity and, therefore, the more oxygen will consume the body. It is not only good for the muscles and beautiful physical forms, but also for our brain and blood vessels. Because at the age of 20 to 30 years should not be neglected strength training with additional weight — classes in the gym at the gym, bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit.

Fitness in adulthood: training from 30 to 40 years

After 30 years, to about 40 (it all depends, of course, from well-being), you can do the same types of physical activities as before. The only caveat: if you are not exercising too vigorously in the period from 20 to 30, should not be too hard to lean on the increase in the intensity and weight of the working class, as it appears to be a large burden on untrained before the joints.

If you participate in sports regularly up to 30 years, continue in the same spirit. But in this age when much time has to be given to either work or family, for a full 3-4 fitness classes a week is often not enough time. And then “save” high intensity interval training (HIIT or English HIIT) — short training programs (about 30-40 minutes), but at maximum intensity.

These types of physical activities suited to fat loss is important for women who in this age are starting to gain extra pounds. And it is women, especially those who gave birth, should pay attention to the Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles and pelvic organs. And don’t forget to move not only in the gym but in everyday life: walk, climb the stairs, actively spend a weekend.

Age 40 to 50: select workout and nutrition

Age after 40 years is, of course, not aging. But the body gradually begins to “wind down” its activity. At this age begins to decrease muscle mass, no matter how you tried to “disappoint” in the hall. But fat mass begins to increase, and it concerns both women and men. Because, first and foremost, you need to reconsider your diet and diet, removing from it the so-called “food waste” and adding more protein. Try not to exceed the calorie intake specific to your gender, age, height and activity level.

As for exercise, the best option is cardio, but not as intense as HIIT, and more orderly, but also more regular. Jogging or walking for hours, swimming and Cycling is what will work best. But the more cardio you do, the more muscle will be lost. Because along with endurance training is not forget about building muscle with weight training and using established protein food, which we mentioned above.

Aging: what to do at this age?

Question, when it starts aging, has always been controversial among scientists. The latest study by American scientists claim that this happens to approximately the age of 40, when the brain ceases to produce myelin, the main constituent of the substance for the formation of neurons. But how about training with 40 to 50 years, we have told above, the probation will take 50 years as the countdown begins aging. During this period, exacerbated by various chronic diseases, but also manifest diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It is understandable that in this age about the high intensity, you can (and should) forget.

Switch from running to walking, or replace these types of cardio an exercise bike in the hall. Good to train in the pool, “diluted” monotonous swimming items water aerobics. You can do and power types of physical activity, but there is to avoid large amplitudes of movement and a large operating weight, not to injure the joints. A great alternative to intensive classroom — practice type body & mind yoga in different directions, Wellness programs tai Chi and qigong. It is also good to focus on improving balance and coordination bodies (classes on a half-sphere Bosu, exercise with the TRX loops) and maintaining flexibility of joints and ligaments (Pilates, stretching).

Start to do sports from an early age, and don’t forget about it even in old age. After all, physical activity allows you to save not only good health and fit body, but also clarity of mind!

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