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The types of fitness and exercises, forcing a smile

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The types of fitness and exercises, forcing a smile
The contents

  • Attraction on the water
  • Vibration mode body
  • Exercise for face
  • Fitness in heels
  • Exercises from the zoo
  • Jumping kangaroo

Usually fitness is associated with a set of standard exercises to maintain a beautiful figure, muscle strengthening and body weight control. In most of the training programs included Jogging, plank, push-UPS, lifting dumbbells, jumping, etc. To achieve the desired result, you need to approach training seriously and responsibly. But if traditional exercise is a bit boring, you can try to diversify them a bit quirky and fun exercises.

Attraction on the water

Walking in the city Luna Park, certainly, many have noticed a fun attraction where transparent ball with a man inside sent to drift on water in the small pool. So much fun is known as “zorbing”, where “zorb” ball. People placed inside the ball, like a hamster or a squirrel in a wheel: he worked very hard feet and hands to promote this waterways forward. For the first time the attraction has appeared in the cities of Japan and China. Now this is not just entertainment but also fitness. Experts say that exercise inside the balloon train your whole body, especially the abdominal muscles, legs and arms. Needs to be a balance, not to fall, and a lot of effort to advance the ball forward.

Vibration mode body

Probably everyone has ever dreamed about an effective exercise that requires a minimum of effort and movement. The developers of fitness equipment found a solution and created a device with a vibrating platform on which you want only just stand. The power of the vibrations is around 30-50 Hertz. It stimulates muscles to contract and relax, as during normal training. Manufacturers of trainer claim that the fitness it is much more efficient and easier traditional: about 10 minutes of standing on a vibration platform is equal to an hour of training in the gym.

One of the main merits of the fit — gentle on the muscles unlike ordinary workouts. The result is improved circulation, strength, metabolism, stamina, muscle tone, bone density. The developers promise that within a month can significantly reduce weight, pain in the joints and strengthen the whole body. Research in 2009 showed that these simulators help to cope with obesity is better than regular exercises for fitness. But to be effective it is important to use the device regularly and properly.

Exercise for face

Fitness to strengthen the muscles of the face and prevent wrinkles is gaining popularity in many countries. They are addicted to both women and men. For these lessons to invent special devices. For example, the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is touting an unusual facial massager Facial Pao, which is a thick flexible strip of silicone with a mouthpiece and two counterweights on the end. You need to pinch the lips Central portion and make small tilts head in different directions to Wake up the machine. Teeth and jaw to strain otherwise the effect is lost.

Due to the resonance of weights to train the muscles of the face, and the rounded shape of the mouthpiece helps to get rid of nasolabial folds. From the exercises with this trainer look very funny. But the developers claim that with regular exercise for 30-60 seconds twice a day face is visibly smoother, wrinkles reduced, improved skin elasticity. Included with the simulator are several types of cargo (18 to 28 g), affixed to its sides. They can be used to increase the load on the muscles of the face.

Fitness in heels

Wearing high heels requires special skills and efforts. And how to be nice these shoes look, doctors strongly recommend long to be in it. It is fraught with diseases of the joints, including osteoarthritis, which often affects the knees: high rise feet in shoes exerts strong pressure on the muscles of the lower leg, ankle, patella, Achilles (calcaneal) tendon.

However, some fans of unusual methods of training and practice weight loss fitness in heels, which resembles a dance in high hills (high hills — with eng. “high heels”). In the fitness clubs are opened a special area for teaching this kind of exercise. It is believed that in such exercises strengthen not only the legs but the whole body: improving coordination and flexibility burning more calories, normalizes work of heart, swinging the abdominal muscles, are acquired dancing skills. But at the same time, prolonged exercise in high heels can harm the body and lead to injury.

Exercises from the zoo

At the end of 2010 in Australia thanks to Nathan Helberg spread a very unusual trend in fitness called “Memory” (from the English. Zoo — “zoo”). Now it is popular in USA, Japan and in many European countries. The essence of the exercise is simple: you need to move, imitating the habits of the animal, which will be called the instructor. And it needs to change the names of the animals every 30 seconds, gradually complicating the task. For performance, it is recommended to imitate the sounds that animals make. Needless to say that in the gyms where they practice Memory, loud and fun?! In addition to animal movements, the complex includes several conventional exercises. The authors of this workout claim that in 15-20 minutes you can lose up to 1000 calories. From the person class require a lot of effort, because in 10-15 minutes even professional athletes can get tired and much sweat.

Jumping kangaroo

Close to the concept of the program Memory of another “animal” fitness with the help of special devices for the legs with springs. They have been known since the 90-ies of the last century and a specially designed for training professional athletes. The literal translation of the names of the inventory — jumping kangaroo (kangoo jump). The fixture attaches to the Shoe and represents two flexible arcs that are connected in the shape of an oval and a powerful spring. It strengthens muscles, joints, legs and coordination. The experiments confirmed that regular walking and exercises with this attribute can help to reduce the impact on feet up to 80% and reduce weight by 25-50%.

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