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The types of complexes to the fitness exercises in the gym

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The types of complexes to the fitness exercises in the gym

Training, consisting of exercises with burdenings categories. The basis of this separation lies in different directions of training. They can be aimed at increasing strength, muscle mass, detail of the relief and improved performance. The difference between goals dictates the difference in approaches. Different tasks require different methods of solution, so the types of training differ in the structure, a set of exercises and level of exertion. All this must be taken into account when designing individual fitness programs, or simply to achieve the desired result.

Power fitness program

If the purpose of training – development of muscle strength, need to focus on the basic exercises such as bench press, deadlifts and squats. Here you can add dips and pullups on the bar, including weights. The fitness workouts that develop strength, used shells maximum weight (often limiting). Exercises are performed in a small number of reps – no more than six at one time. Can apply the pyramid principle: gradually increase the weight and decrease the number of repetitions in successive sets. The number of sets in this kind of training ranges from 3 to 5. In each approach are laid out on 100%, that is, working to muscular failure.

Work to failure with maximum weight in a small amount of repetitions – this is the load that is required to activate bystrosokhnuschie (white) muscle fibers. Such fiber is the component of the muscles, which is responsible for strength (the capacity of short-term efforts). The other type of fibers, methanosarcina (red) responsible for the endurance (the ability to perform long-term work). The white fiber rapidly became involved in the work, develop the maximum force for the first 10-15 seconds of Seth and quickly excluded from work. Thus, to increase power performance does not make sense to do 10-15 reps in set – enough for 5-6. Source for reduction of fast fibers is a supply of ATP molecules in the muscles. But it is limited and is restored within 3-5 minutes – that’s how long you should rest between sets.

Fitness training for muscle mass

When working on the weight, it is advisable to take a large number of repetitions – 8 to 15 per set – and, consequently, use less weight (compared to the weight of the weights in training for strength). Here also try to train to muscular failure. Each exercise is done 3 to 6 approaches. Pause between sets – 1-3 minutes. Such a nature of the load leads to thickening medlennotverdejushchie muscle fibers, filling the muscles with blood and increase in the number of functioning capillaries. In addition, in the process of such training part bystrosokhnuschie fibers are gradually converted into melanochromis. That is a fitness program focused on the recruitment of muscle mass makes the muscles harder and bigger due to the expansion medlennotverdejushchie fiber and muscle-building blood.

Fitness training for the mass consist of the same exercises, and training to develop strength. It is primarily a database involving several large muscle groups. But can be used and exercises that focus on the local study of specific lagging muscle. In addition to the training reviewed the power supply circuit. Becomes a high-calorie diet containing large amounts of protein and slow carbs. Actively used a variety of sport supplements: proteins, creatine, amino acid complexes, creatine, testosterone boosters etc.

Exercises with weights: terrain and endurance

Training relief – the next step after the recruitment of muscle mass. Fitness program to improve muscle relief serves several purposes: banish fat, more clearly draws the muscles and to preserve the acquired muscle volume. This is mnogopoliarnym workout: in each approach is done 15-20 reps, and sometimes more. The rest between sets is spent 30-90 seconds. Most of their training time is spent performing isolation exercises using machines and free weights (dumbbells, barbell). But without the basic exercises, this program is not complete. Base helps to maintain gained muscle mass and promotes fat loss, because it causes a large energy consumption.

In addition to exercises with weights, fitness training for relief must include aerobic exercise, such as Jogging, classes at the cardio, jumping rope, complexes of exercises from aerobics. Aerobic exercise is the best way to stimulate fat burning. Diet when working on terrain, and training has two objectives: to lose fat and retain muscle. At this training stage in the diet is reduced in fat and carbohydrates. Proteins also are used in large quantity to maintain muscle mass. Protein powders, BCAA, creatine, vitamin complexes, L-carnitine as fat burner are the main sports supplements period of work in relief.

What is the optimal frequency of sessions when working on weight, strength and relief? When weight is considered a classic scheme of “three workouts a week.” This mode gives the muscles enough time to recover to 48 hours. Although some muscles (wide, big chest, quads) requires a longer pause – about 72 hours. Here athletes helps split method: separate muscle training on days of the week. To recover after a workout by developing strength, you need 3-4 days of rest. With the improvement of the bump quite 48 hours, since in this case the muscles are not working with limit weights. Endurance development and study of the relief of the some athletes I train 4-6 times a week. But all these General rules – which will actually be the frequency of training depends on the specific training program.


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