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The types of aerobic fitness training for weight loss

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The types of aerobic fitness training for weight loss

The contents

  • Concept and types of aerobic fitness workouts
  • The benefits of exercise
  • Rules of aerobic physical activity

The most effective way of reducing weight are regular fitness classes. They strengthen the body, burn fat and increase stamina. Conventionally, the training is divided into aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (power). For quick reduction of body fat they often resort to the first option.

Concept and types of aerobic fitness workouts

For aerobic training is characterized by active exercise, increasing the heart rate. Most of the classes are held without the use of weights, the main task is to maintain the heart rate at certain levels.

To compile your program, you can choose any exercises, focusing on personal preferences. The most common: running, cardio classes at the gym, Nordic walking, aerobics, skiing, skating or rollerblading. There are many different programs that allow for training at home, repeating all the movements for the video instructor.

All aerobic programs can be divided into categories according to the degree of intensity and their features:

  • Long fitness training with average intensity.

They are characterized by the execution of any movement a long period of time (e.g., running).

  • Interval cardio workout.

They are based on the alternation of traffic. The example run is as follows: walk for 2 minutes, Jogging 1 minute. Then, these periods alternate throughout the desired length of time. To enhance physical activity alternate medium paced running with sprinting.

  • Fartlek.

A form of interval training, but here the load may be replaced by anaerobic elements or cardio exercises performed with greater intensity.

  • Crossfit.

This style is characterized by high-intensity exercise, when the power components with the weights performed at high speed.

  • High-intensity interval training.

Suitable for trained athletes, it is based on the alternation of rest with periods of extreme physical stress, when all exercises are performed with maximum efficiency.

Aspiring athletes are encouraged to start training with low intensity, preparing the body systems to high fiznagruzki gradually and without much stress. If you have medical conditions you should consult with a specialist. It will determine what kind of load would be preferable.

The benefits of exercise

Sports are designed to make the human body more perfect. Aerobic exercise as well as other fitness areas have their own advantages and minuses.

  • Burn fat during the training.
  • By accelerating the circulation of blood and movement of lymph reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Strengthened respiratory system.
  • Stimulates the heart muscle, increases its efficiency.
  • Strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
  • Increases the rate of metabolic processes in the body.
  • Strengthens most muscle groups of the body, increase of strength and endurance.
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes, hypertension, of getting a heart attack.
  • Improves psycho-emotional attitude, stress level decreases.

The disadvantages of fitness workouts may include increased stress on the joints and ligaments in some sports directions. When properly selected and excessive load increases the risk of heart disease. Because the intensity of training should increase gradually, as the availability of the body.

Rules of aerobic physical activity

To fitness benefits and not to cause severe stress in the body, it is necessary to observe some rules when they are carrying out.

  • For training, it is recommended choose the morning, when the body is ready to go and full of energy. In this case, reducing the risk of injury due to the lower concentration.
  • If the aim is weight reduction, then cardio performed after strength training. This allows you to quickly burn the glycogen in the muscles, and go to the processing of fat into energy. If you want to build muscle, then cardio put in the beginning of the program and make them short. They allow you to warm up the body and prepare it for strength work. But we should not put high-intensity exercise before anaerobic exercises, or forces on full power the program will not. In this case, the best practice is to separate cardio and strength training on different training days.
  • In aerobic programs it is important to remember about time: if medium-intensive training we recommend a minimum of 40 minutes, high-intensity sessions should last 20-30 minutes, not to overload the heart.
  • Aerobic exercise should be accompanied by correct breathing. Experts recommend doing breaths on two accounts, either to take a breath on every third step.
  • For fitness it is important to choose the right and convenient form. Clothing needs to be sewn from a breathable material and absorbs moisture. Shoes should be selected according to the purpose: it should be remembered that trainers for fitness on the street and in the hall can differ dramatically.
  • Exercise should progress gradually. In the initial stages of running combined with walking; when training on simulators choose a gentle resistance to muscles used to a new voltage.
  • If, after regular training, there is a strong fatigue, weakness and loss of energy, then you should take a little break from school, and give your body time to recover.
  • Before beginning the workout, be sure to do warm-UPS; at the end hold the stretching to relieve tension from the muscles.
  • While fitness should drink water — the body should remain hydrated, otherwise the load on the heart and blood vessels rises too much.

For weight loss it is important to observe proper nutrition. If the diet is dominated by sweet, starchy and fried foods, fast food and alcohol, that results from training will not. In addition, the body will experience a lot of stress, trying to cope with the increased load on it. Therefore, to maintain health it is important to combine regular exercise with a balanced diet.

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