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The types and use of cardio equipment for home fitness exercises

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The types and use of cardio equipment for home fitness exercises
The contents

  • The need for home trainers
  • Treadmills for weight loss
  • Bicycles
  • Exercises on elliptical
  • Rowing machines
  • Steppers in home fitness training
  • Jump rope
  • Exercises on a trampoline

Many people prefer to maintain their body in shape, doing exercises in the house. For someone home fitness workout is a way to save money, and for someone – rational allocation of personal time. For this reason, the modern market of equipment offers a wide range of shells for individual training. Especially popular cardio equipment, is designed for weight loss. However, before you purchase the home or other sporting equipment, should make the choice and take into account important nuances.

The need for home trainers

Cardio machines for apartments, villas or cabin is the best way to start the process of fat burning without visiting a gym. Homemade shells for the fitness training regime of cardio are compact and easy to use. Exercises on cardiocard not only help to make the figure attractive, but also bring many other positive aspects:

  • trained cardiac, respiratory and vascular system;
  • increase stamina and strength;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • normalize blood circulation and oxygen exchange in the body;
  • return the muscles tone;
  • make muscles and skin more supple and the joints moving.

Choose a cardio machine for the home should not only on the size of the room in which it will be located, but also in terms of the physical preparation. Suitable for beginners simple aggregates for the gradual adaptation of the organism to physical load (all kinds of swimwear, mini Steppers, bicycles), and advanced athletes can purchase more powerful equipment (simulators of rowing, trainers, treadmills).

Treadmills for weight loss

The running belt is considered the most popular equipment for weight loss. Trainer for running is available in different configurations: equipment varies according to the length of the track, the presence of additional features and built-in sensors. In order to correctly pick up a treadmill for the apartment, you should try it in the store. A quality trainer will not creak, wobble or strongly bend under the weight. Models of good quality is equipped with rubber feet or additional anti-slip inserts for better stability.


Exercise bikes long popular in the home gym due to its advantages. This sports equipment correctly load the heart muscle, accelerating the heart rate and kick-starting weight loss and effective working legs. Modern belosaray equipped with special sensors, which allow you to change the resistance force of the pedals, thereby alternating the intensity of exercises. An exercise bike is the best option athletic equipment for women: back during training is not overloaded, the hands do not get overworked, and the target muscles (legs, buttocks, hips) developed evenly.

Exercises on elliptical

Elliptical or ellipsoid is very popular among lovers of home fitness workouts. The shell allows you to work out almost all muskulaturnoy groups, including legs, abs, back, shoulders, buttocks. Intense exercise on orbitrek require a large consumption of energy resources, thanks to which heart rate accelerates.

Work on the elliptical shell involves the simultaneous movement of the arms and legs, without departing feet on the pedals. Due to this configuration, movements of the exercise are safe to the joints since they are not under shock. For apartment or cottage, it is recommended to buy orbitrek with sensors and heart rate monitors – it will help to control the heart rate and to monitor the effectiveness of the training.

Rowing machines

Exerciser for simulating rowing not only takes up more space than most traditional cardio equipment but also has high complexity exercises. First, the simulator of rowing is working the muscles of the legs and upper body, simultaneously Cycling back muscles. Thanks to this fitness training for fat burning are in a more dynamic pace.

A rowing unit is the perfect option for people who want to have at the same time and power, and aerobic equipment, but for the two projectiles have no place in a confined indoor space.

Steppers in home fitness training

Compact Steppers is one of the best options for fitness workouts in small spaces. This treadmill fits under a counter or in any box, and for performing exercises, you need free space just 2-3 steps. The stepper is a small platform with 2 racks, pedals for the feet. Standing in one place, makes motions that simulate walking or climbing.

The feature of a stepper is that the load can be changed if necessary. To increase the intensity of exercise should adjust the degree of resistance: in this case, the steps will be harder, but the effect of the training will be more noticeable. Stepper combines the advantages of cardiocyte (active weight loss) and power unit (pumping calf muscles, thighs and buttocks).

Jump rope

Jump rope – a simple and efficient device for weight loss. It is possible to do both in the apartment and in the fresh air. It does not require a lot of storage space and easy to operate. Despite the simplicity of the configuration exercises with a rope a variety of different.

Low-intensity training can be successfully alternated with high intensity for quicker results. Jumps are available in different variations: basic, accelerated, backwards, with crossed rope with high lifting his knees, on one foot, backwards and forwards, with additional weighting.

This small device allows you to optimally accelerate the heart rate. Only 30-40 minute fitness training with a rope after 2 weeks will get rid of 3-5 pounds of excess fluid.

Exercises on a trampoline

Few people know that ordinary trampoline also can be successfully used as a kind of cardio. All because the jumps speed up the heart rate, activating the weight loss. The faster paced movements, the more intense the breakdown of fatty tissue.

The main advantage of the trampoline in that the elastic base minimizes detrimental impact on the spine, joints and feet. One hour of training on a trampoline replaces about 30-40 minutes of fitness training on the running tape or ellipsoid. Trampolines are also easy to store when folded, and the price of them will delight any budding athlete. Using the trampoline to improve endurance and relieve the tension from the muscles in the end of the day.

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