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The truth about excess weight and weight loss

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In reasoning about the extra weight and weight loss always there are more misconceptions than the truth. In order to effectively lose weight, you need to distinguish truth from error.

If you look at the truth, we understand that even the most educated people believe in stories that passed from mouth to mouth at the level of gossip and folklore. When delusions relate to health, it stops being fun and becomes a threat. Never believe that the lies about slimming and weight.

For weight loss need to train on an empty stomach

The effectiveness of the weight loss is due to the number of calories spent during the day, no matter how and why they were spent. You can train at any time of the day, not necessarily in the morning on an empty stomach. In contrast to this myth can cite studies showing that aerobic exercise after a meal accelerates the metabolism.

The more exercise the better

Each exercise is helpful, but more is not better. A set of exercises, frequency and intensity of the run depends on the goal. The performance of additional exercises after the goal has been achieved, has the opposite effect – excessive load tire the body preventing it to recover and adapt to physical stress.

If you stop working out, muscle will turn into fat

Muscle and fat are two different type of fabric is a different matter, which cannot turn into each other like water can’t turn into oil and Vice versa. If you stop training and don’t reduce your caloric intake, muscles will be smaller, but fat is more, it is the two natural process, they are not accompanied by magical transformations.

If you’re not sweating – you’re the only train

Sweating is a way of cooling the body, on the amount of sweating affects not only the intensity but also many other factors – body temperature and the indoor air, clothing, body composition and others.

To assess the intensity of your workouts by sweating it would be a mistake, one of the objective criteria is heart rate when training.
The consumption of sugars before training increases energy levels

The ingestion of sugar causes a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, this is followed by release of insulin. Insulin removes excess sugar from the blood, concentration of glucose in the blood becomes lower. Thus, consumption of sugars before training will provide more energy.

Weight gain is a part of aging

Aging is not a cause of extra weight gain and not the reason for their appearance. With age, people become less mobile, your metabolism becomes lower, because of this there is excess weight. The efficiency of the metabolism depends on the amount and condition of muscle mass, if you carry weight training to sustain muscle tone, the body will stay slim at any age.

Low-fat products can be consumed without restrictions

The labeling of “low fat” are misleading many people, if a product is reduced in fat, it does not mean that it is low in calories. Low fat foods are more nutritious than their one-piece prototypes, excess calorie without burning excess calories leads to obesity.

Abdominal rid belly fat

Work on abdominal pressure causes the muscle tone, strengthens the abdominal area, but does not affect the amount of body fat. In order to lose weight, you need to spend more calories than you consume. There are no such exercises that would get rid of fat in a certain location.

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