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The training program on the elliptical trainer for weight loss

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It’s time to change life and finally get rid of the excess weight? The perfect solution is training on the ellipsoid to lose weight. By using the upper and lower parts of the body muscles training is very effective.

However, before beginning the training process, it is still necessary to consult a specialist. But the most important thing in the exercises on the ellipsoid – select the right program.

What are the contraindications to training

Everywhere, there are exceptions to the rule. Similarly, in the physical training load, there are people who should not engage on the ellipsoid. This applies to people who have the following diseases:

  • Heart failure.
  • The disease is associated with heart rhythm disturbance (Tachycardia. Angina).
  • Diabetes and hormonal disease.

Diet for losing weight on the ellipsoid

Daily doing two-hour workouts, it is necessary that the amount of calories consumed has not exceeded the figure of 2 000 kcal.

To achieve the benefits of training on the ellipsoid, you should also follow a proper diet. Give up the “junk” food, and you will throw hateful pounds a lot faster, and stick to such rules:

  • Reduce the amount of salt, sugar and alcohol.
  • Once a week to arrange a fasting day, so no heavy meal.
  • Nutritious diet includes high protein foods and slow carbohydrates.
  • Avoid foods labeled “diet” (usually it contains a huge amount of chemicals).

Before training

Remember that the meal takes place not later than 2 hours before class.

The right food that contains a high vegetable and protein elements.

Do not drink coffee before training because this is an additional burden for the heart and blood vessels, and they are so overloaded in the process of exercise.

After training

Can follow one of 2 schemes:

  • Eat only 2 hours after the end of the exercises, however, do not overeat. The amount of food consumed should be moderate.
  • Can’t wait until 2 hours. While in the food you eat half the calories than were lost in the hall.
  • Minimizes nutritional fat, and caffeine.

    weight loss with ellipsoids

    Since you’re interested in effective weight loss, you will need a specially designed circuit of exercises that help weight loss and is aimed at the correct and harmonious development of the muscles. To achieve this purpose, suitable hour of exercise 2-3 times a week.

    Training should begin in the simulator to properly warm up the muscles, preparing them for strength training. To finish the training on it, passing “Doroga” calories.

    More important to work correctly on the ellipsoid for weight loss. The key point in the training process is the proper location of the body. To do this, direct the gaze forward, neck hold to relax, but the shoulders, back and press strain. The wall with the whole weight on the machine, not leaning to the panel with the control system (since it reduces efficiency). Push and pull the movable handle and not hold on just for them. Thus, you strengthen the activity and increase the number of outgoing calories.

    The training program on the elliptical trainer for weight loss

    Day 1:

    • Warm-up exercises (5 min.).
    • Moderate classes (in this case a pulse is hold at the level of 50-60% of max).
    • Hitch for 5 min.

    Day 2:

    • Warm-up exercises (5 min.).
    • At a moderate pace exercises (5 min.).
    • Movement in a fast pace 3 minutes (the hold pulse at 70% of the maximum speed – 60 step/min).
    • Do 2 and 3 points a few times, given the allocated time.
    • Leisurely pace do 5 minutes for a hitch.

    Day 3rd:

    • Mild 5-minute warm-up.
    • Resistance increase (15 min).
    • The decrease in the resistance (15 min).
    • Hitch for 5 min.

    Day 4:

    Moderate exercise for 30 min. with a minimum degree of resistance.

    Day 5:

    • Warm-up exercises (5 min.).
    • Slow increase of load 3 min., maximum load 2 minutes (and heart rate is at 80% of maximum heart rate, however, do not overestimate their own physical abilities). Do 4 repetitions.
    • Hitch (5 min.).


    This is one of the famous workouts, which creates additional load due to the rotation of cardio and strength exercises.

    Do about 2 workouts in 7 days for interval training.

    Interval workout No. 1:

    • Warm-up exercises (10 min.).
    • Moderate classes.
    • Series moderate pace (4 min), maximum (3 minutes) half an hour.
    • Hitch (5 min.).

    Interval workout No. 2:

    • Warm-up (5 min.).
    • Moderate (3 min.) and maximum mode (1 min). Striping for 20 min.
    • Hitch (5 min.).

    Programs at various levels

    Choosing the ellipse as a main trainer to lose weight, consider what to do properly. This will help counseling professionals.

    Not everyone can have lessons at a rough pace. However, this is not a reason to give up. Hard training will help to achieve the desired results. In addition, even in the initial phase it is possible to achieve notable successes.


    For beginners, the optimal number of classes per week – 3 workout 30 min At what heart rate should not go beyond 70% of the maximum speed be kept at the level of 40-50 step/min.

    The goal of this level is to understand the fundamentals of training and learn to go on without respite in various directions 30 min.

    The average level

    You should train at least 4 times a week for 30-50 min. Pulse should be kept at the level of 60-80% of the limit, and the speed – step 50-70/min.

    This stage allows you to increase the endurance of the athletes.


    At this level you have to train 4-6 times a week for 60 min. In the process of exercise the heart rate is in the range of 75-90% of the permissible, and the speed should be 60 to 90 step/min.

    Such loads are only possible if you are well prepared. No need to practice using the force as it will only harm health. If you experienced the level of preparation usually follow the interval plan.

    On the ellipsoid as possible to burn calories?

    First of all, the number of calories burned depends on the intensity of the training and chosen. Usually for a half-hour workout burned about 300-400 calories.

    Is it possible to lose weight on the ellipsoid?
    Usually on the effectiveness of exercise affects not the choice of the simulator, namely the efforts made for the planned purpose.

    And with ellipsoid to lose weight possible. This is evidenced by the testimonials of people involved in this method.

    Reviews losing weight when using the ellipsoid

    Catherine, 25 years. When purchased the machine, I began to exercise every day for 1 hour, while I watched the movie or read the book. For my diet I did not watch much. But I never noticed. Then I decided to concentrate more on the exercises without being distracted by other things, and slightly changed the diet. As a result, I managed to lose 2 kilograms in 10 days. The main emphasis is on the hands, so the muscles of the legs has not changed much.

    Olga, 35 years. Since childhood I dreamed to play sports, so the ellipsoid has become for me a treasure. Giving training half an hour a day for six months, I lost 10 kg and regained the coveted volume! The diet I have not cheated on, however, was to eat smaller portions.

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