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The training program “Insanity” from Sean T.

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The famous training program “Insanity” by Shaun T? What exercises does it include? Is it safe to exercise for health? How long is one lesson? The answers to these questions, read on.


Shaun T is an American fitness coach, developing training programs for weight loss and muscle mass. At the moment on its Facebook page signed 1 735 102 on the YouTube channel – 111 500, and the Instagram account – 865 068. But the greatest achievement of Sean – one of the most effective training programs in the world “Insanity”, which on itself has tested thousands of people.


Exercise program of Shaun T consists of 30-minute sessions performed daily. On each day of the week have individual complex of exercises. When the first round of training is completed, it is necessary to start again and continue to repeat the system over the month. During this period a young athlete gain endurance, and get the first results in fat burning, muscle development, and be able to go to high and advanced level.

Complex workouts for the second month involves more complex exercises. Shaun T, Insanity which can withstand not every trained athlete, tested everything on myself personally. The result can be seen by looking at the body fitness trainer. Most beginners in the early days not able to withstand more than 15 minutes of exercise. But regular training to gain needed stamina.

In the standardized approach without the use of fat-burning drugs and sports nutrition effect of your training is noticeable after 2 months.

Insanity 30 is evaluated by athletes and athletes, as one of the most extreme and intense programs. To obtain the necessary amount of energy to perform the whole complex of exercises, daily intake of food should contain at least 1200 calories.

The main feature of training is the almost total lack of rest. Almost all 30-minute lesson takes place in the explosive pace, but the pulse does not exceed the maximum allowed. This approach prevents injury and provides the result, the achievement of which in the gym would be required to exercise daily for hours. After the athlete used to the workload, he will be able to move on to program Insanity Max with higher requirements.

The training program

Exercise program from Shaun T consists of several courses, exercises are regularly changed and updated:

  • Fit-test complex for check of strength and endurance. Done in 1, 3, 6, 8 days from the start of training. Used for 2 months.
  • Scheme plyometric cardio complex, designed to exercise the legs and buttocks. Consists of high-intensity interval exercise.
  • Cardio recovery – training for the rest. Includes gentle exercises to strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  • Maximum cardio – aerobics to work out the abdominal muscles.
  • Cardio “Power and resistance” – a set of cardio exercises. The main task is to work out the upper body and to train the stretch.
  • Cardio “Abs” interval cardio for the study of the abdominal muscles.
  • The maximum interval system circular high intensity exercise, which is a single of the highest load in the entire program.
  • Cardio for development of core muscles and balance is a gentle set of exercises that are used between the first and second month of employment. Task – recovery after intensive exercise without losing stamina.
  • Maximum interval “Plyo” – a set for leveling feet.
  • Maximum recovery gentle exercise to relax after the second month of training.
  • Pure cardio is non-stop cardio, which includes a set of actions aimed at pumping the abdominal muscles.
  • Crazy “Abs” non – standard exercise used to study the least loaded of the abdominal muscles.
  • Max interval sports training – exercise program high-level professional athletes.
  • Starting from the second month of the duration of one class is increased to hours. Increasing the load involves adding 1 minute a day. Training is conducted daily from 1 holiday in a week.


    To avoid personal injury and health problems:

    • in advance complete a full medical examination;
    • buy sports shoes with a high rate of depreciation;
    • observe the technique of performance of exercises;
    • go on a proper diet;
    • stop activity if you feel unwell or discomfort;
    • drink more water;
    • slow down if you do not have time for a coach.

    Insanity develop a high level of endurance, strengthens the cardiovascular system, prepares the body to any stress.

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