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The training program for 3 days: step by step

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To gain weight for an athlete is no easy task. Usually it requires a comprehensive approach: it is an intense workout and proper diet, and nutritional supplements, each of which has its purpose: enhance stamina, increase performance in sports or to meet the need for vitamins and minerals.

On the way to the ground – why 3 days a week?
A properly selected set of exercises to ground the key to a good result.

Perfect proven training program for 3 days.

Looks like this technique is this: after a day’s activities in the hall should be a day of rest, and each new workout involves adding weight. This mode is “day after day” (on average three times a week) will allow your ligaments and joints to relax, before again to engage in active work. At first, almost for all exercises will be enough 12 reps, perform all approaches at the very beginning under the control of the trainer who will be able to adjust something in the course of employment.


The three-day training program begins with work on the leg muscles.

Squatting with a barbell

This exercise for the beginner would be quite difficult, therefore, to start its implementation is recommended with a blank fretboard. Positioning the neck should between the shoulder and the trapezium, keep your back straight. The knees bend in the direction of the socks. Run four approaches.

Gakk squats in the simulator

These squats focus on the quadriceps. Running it in the simulator, with the support shoulders on the rollers. The back should be firmly pressed to the back of the equipment. Breath – squat down, exhale return to the starting position. Four approaches will be sufficient.

Lunges with your own weight

This exercise is not difficult and most of us know from school. The main point is correct implementation. With wide step, the angle between the knees should be 90 degrees and your back to be absolutely straight. It is sufficient to perform two sets of 10 lunges

Romanian deadlifts

For the successful completion of this exercise you will need to clasp the neck width slightly wider than your shoulders, the barbell must not touch the floor. To achieve the desired effect do four approaches.

Bending of feet lying in the simulator

Lie down with stomach on bench, knees below the edge. The casing is held tightly to the bench, his hands hold on to the special handles. The movable roller serves here so you could rest against his ankles. Now bend your knees, raise the platen to the level of the buttocks.

Lifting on socks in the simulator (standing)

Position the feet parallel to each other, socks on the platform, the heel outside. Smoothly rise and fall on his toes, stretching the calf muscle. Three sets of 20, 15, 10 times.

Lifting on socks in the simulator (sitting)

Completed three-day training to ground this exercise. Although it requires the same number of sets as the previous one, it is not as energy consuming. And the difference here is that this time you’ll be sitting, fixing the cushion on his knees. To kick up your heels here you need to the maximum possible height for you exhale, inhale to lower. To perform all the movements should be smooth, without sharp jerks, in the upper position it is possible to stay for 1-2 accounts. Such upgrades will increase the strength of the tibia and strengthen her muscles.

The second day of training

By the end of the second day of 3-day training program has a set of exercises to work back muscles, chest and abs:

Thrust rod in the slope to the belt

This is a good exercise is working the rhomboid muscles, but is to perform with a straight back because any other position can cause injury. The legs should be slightly bent at the knees. The rod needs to be tightened to the belt, then lower back. Run four approaches without jerks.


The palm of your hand when gripping the rungs should look forward, the thumb be placed over the crossbar. And can complicate the process if you have a palm much broader shoulders. Three repetition maximum.

Pull the lower block

Technique of the basic exercises involves a flat back when pulling the handle to your body perpendicular to the floor. Three approaches for 10, 8, 6 times will be enough.

The bench press

This exercise is performed on a flat bench. The grip should be wide. Slowly do four sets of 12, 10, 8, 6 times.

Dumbbell bench press on the horizontal bench

In the supine position uncross your arms so the hands were at chest level, bring hands slowly at an angle of 90 degrees. Do three sets of 10, 8, 6 times.


Chest muscles it is best to work through the hands of the exerciser of the type “Butterfly”. The back should be pressed firmly against the back of the equipment. Grab the handle, take and spread his hands. Each approach should be performed slowly and gently, without much stretching the muscles.

The Roman chair at an angle

To take in the simulator should be such a position that the ankle is snug against the rollers, your knees should be bent. Hands should be crossed on the chest, and then lower the body parallel to the floor.

Lifting legs in vis on the bar

Hanging on the crossbar, you need to raise the bent knee of the leg above waist level. You can slightly elevate the pelvis if this exercise seems too easy. Three repetition maximum.

The third day

A three-day training program in the final third bottom, will allow you to work out shoulders, triceps, biceps.

A press of a bar sitting

The barbell should be above the chest level, the position of the upper grip, back straight. Optimal will be four sets of 12, 10, 8, 6 times.

Thrust rod to the chin

This complex will allow you to work the shoulders. Most importantly, when you run, hold the rod parallel to the floor. Stop at three approaches for 10, 8, 6 times.

Mahi with dumbbells sitting

Mahi should be done slowly, when lifting dumbbells, it is advisable that your case was 120 degrees relative to the floor. Do three sets of 12, 10, 8 times.

Mahi with dumbbells standing

The number of repetitions the exercise is not different from the previous one. On the technique of execution it should be noted that when lifting the dumbbells, they should not be above the chin.

Bench press bar narrow grip

The neck is directly above your face. Hold the neck straight grip, distance between your hands should be shoulder width apart. Put down the barbell and as soon as it touches your chest, return to starting position.


Exercise also familiar to us from school, only a few who could do it properly. The body should be slightly tilted, elbows splayed to the sides. Up and down should smoothly, without jerks.

Bending hands with a barbell standing

Here care should be taken that the elbows when performing exercises it is impossible to breed in hand. Also important is the smoothness of the movements.

Completed training on three days of pull-UPS reverse grip (hands to myself) – need to catch up to the level of the chin. If it’s too easy, you can wear a special belt, which will only add to your weight.

So, as you can see, this method is pretty saturated approaches and repetitions, although it will take just 3 hours of your time per week. It is suitable only for those athletes who are willing to give 100, in this short period of time. An alternative to this method of gaining weight will be program weight 5 for 5, which includes 5 basic exercises for 5 sets each. But, in any case, no matter what exercise you choose, it is worth remembering that the desired effect can only be achieved with due diligence and in conjunction with a diet.

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