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The training program called “Ukrainian school”

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There is a famous coach Alexander Pasko. He became famous thanks to self-developed and effective program of training of the Ukrainian school, which includes a number of exercises and approaches that must be performed in strict sequence. Today we will examine: what is special about this program, and why it attracts so many followers.

A detailed plan for the exercise program, which will lead you to sports victories.


The program is divided into phases, which in turn are divided into days. All exercises should be performed consistently and without surges. Count on your hand. Feel your body during a workout to do no harm, and certainly not hurt. Be sure to consult with a specialist (your personal trainer, physician) before you begin classes.

Novice players should undergo a preparatory course in sport physical education and gymnastics.

Proceed to a detailed analysis of the program.

Phase No. 1.

Often referred to as Phase 666 or 6h6h6, as all approaches should be performed for 6 reps 6 times 6 sets.

Day 1: this includes exercises bench press and deadlift. First perform the bench press bar with the chest, then go to the regular bench press and fixed it all becomes traction.

Day 2: Begin this training period with the thrust in the slope, working the biceps and squat. All exercises must be performed with a barbell.

Workouts are alternated, in accordance with the following scheme:

  • Monday or Tuesday, Friday or Saturday – Exercises for Day # 1.
  • Wednesday or Thursday – Day # 2.

In the second week we change the order:

  • Wednesday or Thursday – we Start with exercises for Day # 1.
  • Monday or Tuesday, Friday or Saturday and Proceed to the exercises for Day # 2.

These 2 week scheme should be alternated until the amount you have not typed 12-16 training sessions (see senses). After that, be sure to take a rest of 7-10 days and then move on to the next phase of the program. Ukrainian school believes that after completing each phase it is necessary to arrange a small vacation.

Phase No. 2

Usually it uses the name “Variable rate” as the number of repetitions and approaches may vary depending on the specific exercises of the complex.

A selection of exercises for Day 1:

  • Start with squats (with a barbell) – 6-10 – 3 approach.
  • Lean down as much as possible, while putting the barbell to your shoulders 3 repeat 8 times 1 approach.
  • Performed cravings in the slope – 4 8 – 1 approach.
  • Download biceps muscles – 4 repeat 10 times 6 approaches.

Program for Day 2:

  • Begin in the supine position, performing bench – 6 reps 10 times 4 sets.
  • Go to the smooth lifting of weight on chest – 3 repeat 6 times 3 sets.
  • From a sitting position perform the bench press because of the head – 3 repeat 8 times 1 set.
  • The final element of the workout: leg press – 4 repeat 8 times 1 approach.

Complex for Day 3:

  • Start with exercises deadlifts – 5 reps 8 times 3 sets.
  • Move on an inclined bench, where performed bench – 5 repeat 8 times 1 approach.
  • Then squat with a barbell – 5 reps 10 times, 4 sets.
  • Download the Shin while in a standing position – repeat 3-10 times 4 sets.

So, in this case it is necessary to alternate the complexes according to the following scheme:

  • Monday or Tuesday – Day 1;
  • Wednesday or Thursday – Day 2;
  • Friday or Saturday – Day 3;
  • Sunday is always a day off.

Choose three days a week and do according to the complexes. Perform 12-15 of such training. Then take a break from sports for 10 days, and then feel free to move to the third stage.

Phase No. 3

Also called “fracture split.” This stage is the most power among the rest in Ukrainian schools. If the previous 2 acted as preparatory, that aimed at maximum performance and complexity. All exercises performed for 5 reps 5 times for 2 sets. If personal feelings you feel you can add more work to the limit.

Day 1

  • Start training with the bench press in the supine position.
  • Then move on to squats with a barbell.
  • Finishing with push-UPS from the bars.

Day 2

  • First, raise the barbell to the chest and drop back.
  • Then perform the exercise called the deadlift.
  • Go to the layout while on an inclined bench.
  • Complete training block presses to work the triceps.

Day 3

  • Start the day with squats (with a barbell).
  • Then go on the floor and shake.
  • Complete the implementation swung because of the head.

Day 4

  • Start with Dead lift exercises.
  • Then shake feet.
  • Go to a pull, while in the slope.
  • Complete training work out of muscles of the ankle in the sitting position.

The scheme is designed so that the classes will be held 4 times a week. Monday deal scheme Day 1 next Tuesday get set for Day 2; Thursday Day 3 observed; and, finally, on Friday – Day 4. For the previous 2 phases of training, you are already prepared, so it will be able to cope with 4 days of sports. Ukrainian school reminds you that here you must run 16-20 of such training. Then again, be sure to go on vacation for 10-14 days (twice) and proceed to the next stage.

Phase 4

It is also customary to call it “Three tens”. This is the penultimate step, which is performed according to the scheme of 10 x 10. That is, 10 times 10 times at each of the proposed exercises:

  • Squat with a barbell.
  • Click the bar in the supine position.
  • Performed cravings in the slope.

This phase seems easier than the others. But actually this is not true, the Ukrainian school is not looking for easy ways, so do not be surprised if such a “Gimme” would be a very difficult stage. A maximum of prepare and commit to this training. You should pay special attention not to exceed the number of repetitions and approaches. Also, you don’t have any way to rearrange the exercises. The first 8-9 approaches perform with light weights, and then on the last 2 take maximum.

According to this scheme need to train 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Then after 9 workouts take a vacation for 10 days and move on to the next final stage.

Phase No. 5

The name of this stage is “Recovery”. Ukrainian school has developed it precisely to the process for a smooth exit of hard training. This phase also includes 3 days, which are named according to what part of the body work. All of these systems involve weights, they need to perform 15 repetitions 3 sets.

  • Day 1 – to develop chest muscles, biceps and abs.
  • Day 2 – Programme of exercises for leg muscles and for the development of shoulder joints.
  • Day 3 – Exercise back muscles, triceps and abs.

Here, as above, operate according to the following schedule:

  • Monday or Tuesday – take the exercises from Day 1.
  • Wednesday or Thursday – follow the program of Day 2.
  • Friday or Saturday – stick to the 3 Day.
  • Sunday – day off.

According to this scheme, train 3-4 weeks (12-15 days), go on 2 week off and start all over again. Either extend the stay for a couple of months for total recovery.

The training program of the Ukrainian school is unique in its changing mood. Here is a complete study of the muscles of the body due to the fact that the exercises for each day are chosen different and are based on specially designed pattern Alexander Pasko. Many athletes adhere to this school and reach great heights in this difficult matter, as a sport.

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