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The training plan

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The training plan

Training program the athlete should not remain unchanged. No matter how good a plan weekly lessons, its efficiency will still decrease over time. This is due to the body’s ability to adapt to repetitive external impact. Muscles gradually adapt to regular and the same power load and cease to feel it as stress.

Is it enough to increase the intensity of the exercises to give the muscles a new impetus to growth? This is one way to stimulate muscles. But to enhance muscle growth and other changes in the training program.

The first secret to a successful fitness: replace exercises on the same and add new

Favorite and proven exercises must make room and give way to new. Muscles be sure to respond to unusual strain. Fans of fitness should try exercises from different sports areas: bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, kettlebell, etc.

To make a variety of fitness classes will help counterparts. If the athlete wants to continue to load a certain muscle group, but do it a little differently, it takes alternative exercises with the same direction of effect, but different technique. The right muscles will still be worked on, but a little different.

Second rule: focus on different muscles and use different techniques

Fans of a healthy lifestyle, who only started power training, it is better to load the muscles evenly. Experienced athletes can already focus on specific muscle groups. If the previous program contains mostly exercises for muscles (biceps, triceps), the new training plan , the emphasis can shift on his feet and chest.

The exercises allow you to increase the intensity of your workouts and make the load on the muscles more diverse and more complete. A separate implementation, circuit training, supersets, drop sets and other techniques must be used during fitness activities.

The third recommendation to fans of a healthy lifestyle: vary the number of exercises, sets and reps

The amount of exercise you can reduce and increase to leave to workout 3-4 basic exercises and do a lot of approaches or, conversely, to perform 10 exercises with multiple approaches. Both options can give the desired result muscle to hypertrophy.

The number of repetitions can be changed at every training session. The principle is this: if today made little reps with more weight then in the next lesson, take weight less, but do many repetitions.

It seems that muscles do not suffer monotony. From their features it is a start in the preparation and updating of sports plans. How often do you need to make drastic changes to the program? Recommend to do it every two months. But it is better to listen to your body and to see whether the response to load. If the muscles have not yet adapted to the effects, then change the program so far makes no sense.

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