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The three main exercises for strength training

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Sport – the first assistant in the work on healthy, beautiful and strong body. There are two main types of workouts: cardio and strength. The greatest effect can be achieved by properly alternating. In this article we will talk about strength training.

The key points that you need to know

Of course, no workouts, no cost, no professional athlete. This type of training aims to increase strength, endurance and muscle mass of the body. In addition, strengthens the cardiovascular and adrenal-sympathetic system.

What can learn an ordinary man? First and foremost, strength training aimed at General fitness. For beginners and people involved in sports to maintain body muscles toned enough to be doing basic exercises. It’s squats, push-UPS, pull-UPS and lunges. For advanced suitable to perform these same exercises, but with the addition of iron and weights.

Contrary to stereotypes, weight training suitable for both men and women.

Women often refuse strength training, believing that their body will grow to enormous size and become coarse, masculine features. Hurry to dispel these fears, as for formation of similar figures the essential male hormone. Without hormonal drugs such a result is not achieved.

On the contrary, strength training is necessary for people who want to lose weight. Unlike cardio loads that act on the entire body, but load all the time the same muscle group, strength training can evenly develop muscle mass. The greater is the ratio of muscle to fat, the more calories are spent for their work. Besides, weight training accelerates the metabolism. He works at an accelerated rate 5-6 hours after the workout.

Next, we will examine the basic strength exercises. They can perform both indoors and at home.


These exercises will help to keep toned legs and buttocks, strengthen joints and tendons. It is important to follow the correct techniques:

  • Do not bend and will not round the back. From the neck to the waist is one straight line. The gaze is directed in front of him.
  • Knees are over toes, fixed, not “walk” from side to side.
  • Heel resting on the floor. The body weight is evenly distributed on the whole foot.
  • The breath is rhythmic.
  • Regular squats. Known to all from physical education lessons in school. SP: feet on width of shoulders, hands lowered along the body or clasped to the castle behind the head. Inhale – bend both legs so that the angle between the quadriceps and tibia was direct. Exhale – IP.

    Exercise can be complicated and to achieve a larger effect. Squat performed on a springy movement of the pelvis up and down with small amplitude.

    Squats with Mahi will bring variety to your training. SP and squat as a regular squat, but on the exhale, stand up and raise leg out to the side. Therefore, considering also the abdominal muscles and back, removed side. Another option is abduction legs back. A more complicated version – kick. During that time, as we stand, one foot in a circular movement leads up and away from himself. Raise the leg as high as possible.

    “Plie” is a perfect exercise to study the problem areas inner thighs. SP: legs set wide apart, toes aimed out to the sides. Inhale and slowly squat down, turn your pelvis under you and tensing the abdominal muscles. Stay in the bottom position and smoothly rise.

    Static exercise chair is good for developing the muscle endurance of the legs and buttocks, burn body fat. Entrepreneur: lean (rest against the back of his head, shoulder blades and pelvis). Legs bent in knees at right angle. Hands may be omitted or pulling in front of him. Are in this position 30-60 seconds.

    To increase payload, you can use additional weights or to do more approaches (one approach is from 10 to 20 squats).


    These exercises will strengthen the wrists and forearms and pumped biceps, and also various types of spinal muscles. Performed on the horizontal bar.

    Stick to the following rules:

  • You need to climb due to the tension in the muscles and not the amplitude of rocking of a body.
  • Keep body in one plane.
  • Elbows while lifting are below the level of the crossbar.
  • Breathing: exhale come up, inhale down.
  • After the execution of the approach it is very important to go down to avoid injuries. Best of all, get off the horizontal bar on the ladder, or carefully jump on the whole foot bent legs.
  • Pull-UPS reverse grip (palms toward you). Grab the bar so that the hands were from each other on distance of width of shoulders. On the exhale, raise the body up, hold chin to the level of the crossbar, to fixate this position, and inhalation of air are returned to the PI.

    The straight grip pullups (palms away from you). Hands placed at a distance of a little more than shoulder width. When you exhale, bend your elbows and begin to lift the body up. You must reach the chest to the crossbar, to linger and descend, slowly and deeply inhaling the air.

    Pull-UPS (or wide grip). In the case of the exercise with a narrow grip, hands are as close to each other. Then the whole load is distributed on the muscles of the arms. Incredibly effective exercise to increase strength and volume of your biceps. For the study of the round muscles of the back grip, the opposite should be as wide as possible. While you can see the result of so-called “wings”. Virtuosos also catch up on the one hand, or cross grip.

    One workout you need to do several sets of 10-20. Don’t worry if you can’t do “the norm”. Power will increase as training. To increase the load on the belt you can attach weights.


    Loved by many basic exercises to pump the muscles of the legs and buttocks.


  • Your back should be upright, don’t lean forward. Look directly.
  • The knee of the working foot over an imaginary line up from the sock will not come out and clearly stated.
  • The knee of the other leg not touching the floor.
  • Up through the efforts of the front leg, not helping another..
  • Classic attacks. Stand in initial position: feet on width of shoulders, hands lowered along the body. When the air you breathe – take a step forward, bend the leg and down to a maximum of the floor. Body weight on front leg. The body should be straight. Begin to exhale and return to original position. Approach: 10-15 times on each leg.

    A slightly more complex variant – reverse lunges. Technique is the same, only step back.

    Attacks when walking. After each lunge, take a step to support leg forward and then squat. To weight you can use a dumbbell or barbell.

    Strength exercises must be performed in a circle, 2/3 approach.

    Before each training session the mandatory training session! It is important to practice regularly, but not to overload the body. On average you need 2 days for recovery. Do not forget about proper nutrition. When the power loads of the body with the necessary proteins and carbohydrates. Monitor your health. Sharp pain – a sign of injury. You can also have contraindications for health reasons.

    There are many methods of strength training. Choose an appropriate and forward to the results!

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