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The TABATA workout: the uniqueness and benefits of fitness methods

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The TABATA workout: the uniqueness and benefits of fitness methods
The contents

  • A bit of history
  • Fitness by the method of TABATA
  • Rules high intensity fitness class
  • Features fitness exercises according to the method of TABATA
  • Exercises for workout
  • Contraindications

The method of interval training is practiced by many athletes. This training include TABATA method, which is based on high-intensity exercise. Noted that the exercise submitted so makes sports the greatest effect, while improving aerobic and anaerobic functions of the human body. It does not matter, what kind of fitness athlete is engaged in. The main thing is to do exercises quickly, alternating with short breaks to rest. That is a heavy load, enhance blood circulation, strengthen the muscles, to start the process of weight loss and increase endurance. Therefore, if you want to quickly obtain a palpable result, it is recommended to practice it on the TABATA system.

A bit of history

Method Tabata is the author’s development of Dr. Izumi TABATA. Working together with the staff of Tokyo Institute of fitness, he noted that high-intensity interval training have a positive effect on the human body.

The experimental group was trained only for 4 minutes 4 times a week. After 6 weeks, the scientists noted that the aerobic performance of athletes grew by 28%. Markedly increased anaerobic capacity.

Further studies showed that the short fitness classes, organized in such mode, efficiency is not inferior to 60-minute sessions of endurance. In this method TABATA training really burns up excess fat. During intense exercise the loss of fat mass is 9 times faster compared to conventional aerobic exercise.

The results of these scientific experiments was first published in 1996. Since then, they have been many times confirmed in practice. Today, many health clubs use this method in their training.

The method consists in the rapid alternation of aerobic and anaerobic activity. The results of such training are impressive. In only 1 week you can lose up to 1 kilogram of fat. No other fitness exercises do not give such effect. And it’s just a little workout, the average duration of which is not more than 15-20 minutes.

Fitness by the method of TABATA

The classic version of the workout, which offers a Japanese scientist, is the following:

  • 20 seconds of intense aerobic exercise;
  • 10 seconds of rest;
  • 20 seconds anaerobic fitness.

All exercises are performed very quickly, almost at the maximum of their physical capabilities. This allows to obtain energy only by glycolysis (with oxygen), but also due to the oxidation of fat. Intervals of 20 seconds is designed to develop the maximum power of the muscles. And 10-second rest is enough to restore their health.

Rules high intensity fitness class

The basic scheme 20-10-20 is a 1 set. Need to be repeated 8 times, i.e. to keep within 4 minutes. Between sets pause to 1 minute. At this time you can drink water that is safe to walk around, shake out the muscles to breath.

Beginners this exercise can seem complicated. Therefore, it is conceivable to reduce the number of sets to 4-5. But to change the rest time between exercises and the repetitions impossible.

It is important to breathe correctly during fitness class. No need to hold your breath. Breathe deeply and often, to satisfy the body’s need for oxygen. Proper breathing will promote the rapid restoration of lost energy, strengthen muscles and increase endurance.

Features fitness exercises according to the method of TABATA

Method Tabata training has several features that positively affect the physical qualities of the body.

  • Includes the process of training the “lagging” muscles.
  • All the fitness exercises are performed only with its own weight. Not to be used for studies, such force elements as deadlifts, lifting or bench-press. Therefore, the risk of injury is minimized.
  • There is a large energy consumption that promotes active fat loss. Muscles become strong and bold.
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • The TABATA method requires no special equipment. A gym is available and simple: effective training can be carried out even at home. It is suitable also to those who are experiencing an acute shortage of free time.

    Scientists calculated that the fat-burning process after the class by the method of TABATA continues in the body for 48 hours. So for the next 2 days after a workout, the athlete will lose weight.

    Since the execution of fitness exercises in an intensive mode has a greater load on the heart and lungs, during class you need to constantly monitor the pulse. Have an adult person of average fitness it should not be more than 140-180 beats per minute. Beginners are recommended to train on heart rate to 120 beats per minute.

    Exercises for workout

    The Tabata system, you can include any exercises that meet the following rules:

    • they should involve at least 50% of all body muscles;
    • all sports items should be simple in execution;
    • 20 seconds need not do more than 10 repetitions.

    On average, high-intensity exercise should include about 4 exercises. The most difficult are the classes consisting of 1 exercise. If after 20 seconds no load feelings of fatigue, you should increase the intensity of movements, or choose a more complicated exercise. Fit running, jumping over a bench or with a high knee, push-UPS, burpees, pull-UPS, etc. it is not recommended to combine high-intensity fitness and exercise with the weights.


    During training, the TABATA system is the body is under greater load. Therefore, this training has several limitations. It is not suitable for people:

    • with poor physical fitness;
    • with heart disease;
    • having problems with the spine or joints.

    Before the training, it is recommended to consult with your doctor. The appearance during exercise discomfort, fitness classes have to stop. Maybe the body no time to recover between classes or exercises you selected is not entirely correct. To solve such issues will help the recommendation of a coach or instructor.

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