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The strangest types of fitness

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What is your idea of fitness? Classes at the gym or group training on standard programs? Fitness is multifaceted and some of its varieties truly shocking.

Most people at the mention of fitness represent gyms, but fitness is not so limited. There are many ways to get fit without a visit to the hall. Some varieties of fitness are so unusual that they shock even the experienced people.


This fitness movement is relatively recent, the General public was fascinated by plugingo in early 2018. Plowing can be compared with the varieties of Nordic walking, during exercise, people not only working on his body, but also improve the environment – they clean debris from the streets. When walking or running periodically need to do squats or lunges to lift debris from the ground. The additional load make the exercise very productive for a half-hour lesson, the athlete has time to burn about 280 calories and gather up a bag of garbage.

Plowing actively supported by the media, so in civilized countries take to the streets, more and more people to run with garbage bags.

Fitness high heel

As you know, the high heels help to form your posture, but previously never occurred to you spend on their training. The format can be anything, even a simple walk in heels improves muscle tone and physical form. Heels walk and run, squat and make lunges even go squat and lift small weights. Any training on the heels parallel to the main characteristics develops a sense of balance. There has been no evidence that would confirm the effectiveness of training heels to weight loss, but if this happens, then the heels will become not less popular than sneakers.

Running without shoes

In 2010, the race originated extraordinary trend, new running shoes, which are more like socks. Proponents of without running shoes claim that sneakers can cause injuries, form their sole unnatural. Running without shoes strengthens even the tiny muscles located in the foot and ankles.

Hot Barre

The Barre method of training involves a combination of elements from ballet, Pilates and yoga. Hot Barre workout is carried out in a room heated to 40 degrees, that is, in very hot conditions. In the high temperature environment the muscles become more elastic, stretching, improving, in parallel, through sweat out many toxins. The body need to work intensively on their cooling, therefore, spent a lot of calories. Movement Hot Barre has all the benefits of hot yoga, but the practice has become more diverse, as they are not limited by a set of classic asanas.

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