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The stomach of a walnut: is it true that it decreases if you sit on a diet?

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Unfortunately, this myth, experts say. The stomach is really stretchy: it can, for example, slightly stretched to accommodate the rich dinner, but then he returns to his normal size. It’s not getting smaller, even if you eat like a bird!

If you believe that the stomach may be reduced, so people of normal weight, it is smaller. However, scientists refute this: the stomachs of adults of roughly the same size! The human body continues to function even with a lack of energy, but “hoped” that it will feed properly.

If there is very little, you often feel hungry is another law of the body. In the blood will throw a hormone called ghrelin that makes something to eat, and the body temperature will drop slightly and the metabolism will slow down, so the energy was spent more slowly.

For effective weight need not severely restrict, calories: chances are that then the body will quickly gain it all back. It is better to reduce the portions and their energy value gradually and not force the body to work in an emergency mode. And, of course, not hope that the stomach will be the size of a walnut!

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