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The spinning: types and characteristics of physical activity on exercise bikes

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The spinning: types and characteristics of physical activity on exercise bikes

The contents

  • Types of fitness with a stationary bike
  • Contraindications to physical activity
  • Recommendations for fitness workouts

The spinning – type training in which the work is carried out on simulators, simulating Cycling. Spinning classes recently took shape in a separate area of fitness, but enjoy great popularity among sports enthusiasts and people who want to increase the amount of physical activity. Using veloservice you can get rid of flaws and to improve health. Aerobic physical load exerted on the body during rotation of the pedals, effectively strengthens and develops the cardiorespiratory system and increases endurance of the body.

Types of fitness with a stationary bike

The spinning is divided into several areas, which differ considerably among themselves:

  • Spinning.

During these fitness workouts work is done at a moderate pace. The person sitting in the simulator, keeping your back straight, slightly pushing the pelvis backward, straightening his shoulders and bringing together of the scapula. As a result, regular spinning classes, you can provide comprehensive and fairly intensive physical activity not only on the muscles of the lower extremities, but also on the entire muscular system, including muscles, included in its structure. Training is conducted mainly by groups and are in the hall, equipped with a large screen, which broadcast the changing landscapes. This situation creates almost the full effect of Cycling on rough terrain.

  • Cycle.

Data fitness classes, unlike spinning close to the speed races. Landing in the simulator is also different: the person must be in position which take cyclists to improve aerodynamic performance. This means that you need sitting in the saddle of the bike, tilt the body forward, rounding the back and lower the shoulders to be able to develop maximum speed during fitness training.

  • Aquacycling.

This is the latest in spinning and is a riding a stationary bike, placed in the bowl of the pool. Due to water resistance on the muscles and all other systems of the body is exercise, the intensity of which is 10-12 times higher than the force of the impact on the muscles on land. Besides advantages, aquacycling has a number of advantages. Among them are, for example, articular-ligamentous apparatus in gentle conditions due to the effect of zero gravity created by the density of water, and the ability to spend the maximum number of calories within one of the fitness classes, so – quickly and effectively lose weight.

Contraindications to physical activity

Despite the enormous popularity of fitness classes on stationary bikes and, of course, the enormous health benefits, they have a number of contraindications, like any other physical activity of high intensity. So, before you enroll in a class veloservice, you should visit your doctor and consult with him to determine the presence of serious health problems that can become an obstacle to carrying out such physical exercises. As a rule, doctors are forbidden to engage in any kind of veloservice when the following diseases and conditions:

  • hypertension, arrhythmia, tachycardia, ischemia, cardiac insufficiency, preinfarction angina and any of the serious dysfunction of the circulatory system;
  • varicose veins, thrombosis, stenosis, and other vascular disease;
  • asthma, pulmonary insufficiency and disorders of the respiratory system;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • problems with the joints;
  • diabetes;
  • serious ophthalmic disorders;
  • epilepsy and susceptibility to convulsive seizures;
  • pathology of pregnancy;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • acute inflammatory processes;
  • ailments associated with infestation of the body by viruses or bacteria.

Recommendations for fitness workouts

If contraindications to such fitness is not found, then you can safely join the group of beloyarovka. And to work on the bike was the most efficient, comfortable and safe, you should follow these helpful guidelines:

  • sign up for the class or spinning cycle, you need to pay attention to what the acronym is accompanied by one or another group.

If is marked “W” – means fitness workout designed for beginners in this area and people with low level of physical training. If you set “COOL”, then the program is targeted at people who are advanced in the sport, and newcomers such loads can be beyond the ability;

  • during classes, spinning classes major area of concern is rubbing and other mechanical damage to the skin in the groin area, which arise due to uncomfortable seat and rubbing hips on its edge.

People who are not first sit on a Bicycle or an exercise bike, obviously familiar with these unpleasant sensations and know that you should wear special sports uniforms, designed for exactly this kind of physical activity. Leggings for cyclists in places where the thighs contact the saddle, have strong inserts that protect the skin from damage. Also it is useful to buy a special case or silicone pads on the saddle and use them during each session;

  • for such fitness workouts a person usually sweats a lot, and the body loses a lot of moisture.

Considering these processes, you need to wear sports uniform, which absorbs and removes moisture out and lets air in without creating a greenhouse effect. Avoid dehydration while you work on the bike need to drink, consuming water in small SIPS;

  • the effectiveness of physical activity depends on their consistency, so you need to train regularly, spending at least 2 classes a week.

Training should be selected not only with regard to work schedule and free time, but focusing on the fact that you should train in 1.5-2 hours after the last meal and 2 hours before bedtime.

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