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The simulators for the home the power of physical activity

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The simulators for the home the power of physical activity
The contents

  • The nuances of selection of exercise equipment for home gym
  • Training for effective weight loss at home
  • The simulators for training power exercise

With the development of technical progress physical activity of most people is significantly reduced. Meanwhile, regular physical activity is the best prevention of obesity and other diseases resulting from physical inactivity. That is why people, and especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, you need to look for any opportunity to increase locomotor activity. You can do this in one of the most affordable ways to purchase a home trainer and conduct fitness classes at home at a convenient time.

The nuances of selection of exercise equipment for home gym

Not to be mistaken with the choice of equipment for the provision of physical activity in the home, it is first necessary to determine the answers to the following questions:

  • For what purpose are purchased the machine? It can be maintained or improved physical fitness, muscle or effective weight loss. In the latter case, preference should be given to cardinalium, during which significantly quickens the pulse. To build muscle you need to purchase free weights and power stations, as muscles increases only in rendering to her a heavy physical load with additional weight.
  • How many people will use the equipment? The answer to this question depends on many technical parameters of the simulator, for example, the ability to adjust the seat or capacity.
  • What kind of area you can safely allocate to sports equipment? How much free space is available, depends on the choice of the form of the simulator and its dimensions.
  • How much money will be spent on the purchase of sportsmachine for the house? Price range greatly reduces the range of machines, from which you will have to choose.
  • The answer to all these questions is already possible to roughly determine the type of the simulator, its dimensions and price, which will greatly facilitate the selection of sports equipment for home fitness.

    Training for effective weight loss at home

    If the main purpose of training is effective weight loss, choose exercise equipment that provides a cardio. These include:

    • treadmill;
    • bike;
    • orbitrek;
    • stepper.

    In order not to make the wrong choice, you need to examine the advantages and disadvantages of each, to determine the most suitable trainer for fitness. For example, a treadmill has a larger size, but it gives the opportunity to practice walking and Jogging, regardless of weather conditions. Other advantages of this sportoborudovanie include high performance in the process of weight loss.

    Trainers for running are mechanical, magneto-mechanical and electrical. In a mechanical treadmill belt is set in motion by working foot. This type of trainer for running one of the most budget, does not occupy much space, but noisy and functional. Electrical and magneto-mechanical paths have advanced functionality that allows you to adjust the load during fitness classes. When choosing a treadmill, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

    • the width of the fabric.

    It should be 50-60 cm;

    • power.

    When a person’s weight up to 80 kg enough 1.5 HP, and at most — from 1.5 to 2.75 HP.;

    • speed.

    If on the simulator to deal exclusively with the walk, the maximum speed of the treadmill at 10 km/h would be enough.

    An exercise bike is more compact compared to Jogging, but no less useful for effective weight loss.
    Models of this sports equipment differ by the following parameters:

    • by type of construction.

    They are vertical (they will appear as a usual Bicycle, but no wheels) and horizontal (imagine a seat with pedals in front). Horizontal exercise bikes are more suitable for people with a sore back because you reduce the physical load on the spine;

    • according to the method of bringing the flywheel into motion.

    Bicycles are drum, belt or electromagnetic.

    The advantages of the bike include the relative compactness and the ability to do it, people with large body mass. And the disadvantages — the need to periodically change the pads and straps.

    Orbitrek is another efficient cardio machine, convenient to use at home. Unlike other types of exercise equipment that provides aerobic exercise when using elliptical trainer the opportunity to develop not only the muscles of the lower limbs, and bark, but also the muscles of the body. Among the advantages of the ellipsoid — high efficiency and no adverse impact load on the joints and spine. The disadvantages of the elliptical trainer include the relatively large size and weight.

    Work on the stepper is exercise, identical to the one that turns on the body when walking the stairs. Models of these simulators vary in size and functionality. Mini-Steppers are the simplest design of the two pedals, and more functional model, with swivel arm and the electronic display. This sports equipment is ideal for people who want to achieve effective weight loss, but do not have a large budget and free space in the living room.

    The simulators for training power exercise

    If there is no problem of excess weight, but there is desire through physical exertion to strengthen and build muscles instead of cardio is necessary to pay attention to power, including:

    • the horizontal bar, parallel bars, the gravitron, the Swedish wall.

    This sports equipment allows you to perform various bodyweight exercises. The physical activities strengthen major muscle groups and help to maintain good physical form;

    • free weights.

    We are talking about weights, Ganesh and the rod. With their help you can significantly increase your muscle volume and strength. However, apart from the shells will most likely have to purchase a special sports stalls and stands;

    • ministation or power station.

    These designs depending on configuration may include several strength training machines, benches, racks and levers, which enable the house to provide no less intense than in the gym, the physical strain on the muscles.

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