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The selection of exercise programs, depending on a person’s temperament

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The selection of exercise programs, depending on a person’s temperament

The contents

  • Training for sanguine
  • Fitness classes for choleric
  • Exercises for phlegmatic
  • Fitness training for the melancholic

The choice of a suitable direction of fitness often puts newcomers at a standstill. Among the huge variety it is very difficult to choose the kind of physical activity, which, first, effectively solve the main goal (muscle building, weight loss or complete recovery), and secondly, appropriate for the level of physical development and, thirdly, would meet individual preferences. Fitness experts often advise novices to choose exercise in accordance with the type of temperament to motor activity coincided with the traits and did not deliver the psychological discomfort.

Training for sanguine

The main features of this temperament, you need to consider when choosing fitness workouts are as follows:

  • the sanguine is well developed facial expressions and gestures, but the response to weak sounds and dull colors they have slowed;
  • people with this type of temperament is helpful, like change and enjoy new opportunities and discoveries, so they will be interested in most modern trends in fitness;
  • sanguine hard-working, they are easy to focus and easy to switch attention to other tasks. Thus they are in no particular difficulties to integrate in the new environment and learn unusual activity.

Based on the characteristics of sanguine, it can be concluded that they use a dynamic training:

  • step aerobics;
  • energetic dance styles of fitness;
  • exercises in interval technique;
  • game sports and fitness, e.g., tennis, volleyball and other ball games.

These types of physical activity that required a lot of attention to details, such as yoga or bodyflex, sanguine may not like.

Fitness classes for choleric

People of the choleric temperament tend to high motor activity, bordering on impatience and temper. In addition, this character type has several other features that need to be taken into account when choosing the appropriate type of training:

  • choleric are very involved in the process that is involved, and give ourselves fully to any activity. This explains some of their inertness in respect of the diversity of fitness;
  • people with this type of temperament, it is important to Express yourself, to be active during the whole training process and in the end have to make a significant impact, even if this result is normal lifting more weight or working just flawless execution of the exercises;
  • choleric often have difficulty focusing on the details, so they should choose such types of fitness that contribute to the development of attention.

Given the characteristics of choleric temperament, it can be argued that people that have them, are likely to fit the following areas of fitness:

  • training based on Eastern martial arts;
  • power of fitness, in which work is done with large free weights and machines with a strong resistance;
  • performing any stretching exercises;
  • workout with elements of acrobatics.

Exercises for phlegmatic

Outwardly calm phlegmatic possess high energy levels and overall physical activity. They find it difficult to Express emotions, but this does not mean that the phlegmatic is not experiencing them fully. In addition to this feature, people with this type of temperament, choosing a suitable kind of fitness exercise should take into account such nuances:

  • patience, dedication and perseverance allow phlegmatic to achieve absolute results in the direction of fitness;
  • constancy is a characteristic of the phlegmatic temperament, so among the followers of a certain training and the regulars of the fitness clubs are always more people with such character. They are very attached to the environment of the gym, the atmosphere of the club, the personality of the trainer, and even plan for fitness training. Any changes in the usual organization of the training process or General way of life they are experiencing difficulty, but outwardly almost did not show their emotions;
  • phlegmatic are more suitable power fitness classes with its own weight and additional weights and long cardio and some individual work with the coach to solve specific problems with a figure.

Fitness training for the melancholic

For a melancholic type of temperament of the characters are heightened emotionality, vulnerability, and deep inner experience of all the senses without any external manifestations. The melancholic emotions arise slowly, but this process takes large-scale forms and is characterized by the depth, strength, intensity and duration. Taking into account this feature of the melancholic temperament, it is safe to say that fitness classes they need and even to a greater extent than people with other types of character.

Physical activity help people with a melancholic character to achieve the following positive effects:

  • overcome their complexes, to believe in themselves, to realize themselves and to feel a sense of success;
  • to remove tension and give vent to negative emotions through exercise;
  • enhance mood and vitality, develop a positive attitude to life and events that occur in it;
  • to develop patience and determination;
  • with the help of physical exercises to raise the body, like endurance, agility, coordination, strength;
  • to distract from inner feelings and to shift attention to the surrounding reality;
  • to learn how to communicate with other people.

Energetic fitness training is not likely to attract the melancholic and will not bring them satisfaction and expected result, so such people should choose a quiet physical activity, which includes breathing and meditation practices. This can be, for example:

  • bodyflex;
  • Pilates;
  • traditional yoga;
  • akroyoga;
  • swimming lessons;
  • body ballet;
  • stretching.

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