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The secrets of a strong body of famous actors

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The secrets of a strong body of famous actors
The contents

  • The role of functional training in the life of Mikhail Porechenkov
  • The secrets of a strong body of Gosha Kutsenko
  • Vladimir Mashkov hard physical work and not only
  • How does Sergey Bezrukov?
  • Yevgeny Mironov about the injury that has given him the sports

Handsome and muscular, slim and fit — they appear at the most spectacular shots, showing remarkable strength and beautiful body. But such glamour is not only the fruit genetics, but heavy and exhausting labour. Many men-actors not only look decent in the picture, but sometimes independently perform complex tricks. That helps them keep in shape?

The role of functional training in the life of Mikhail Porechenkov

Russian Rambo Mikhail Porechenkov in life and in movies shows a manly appearance and a strong character. To keep fit he help regular sparring in the ring and regular classes at the gym. The actor admits that systematically works with weights, and of the variety of functional training gives preference to the deadlift and squats. Few people know that Michael has the title of candidate master of sports in Boxing, and he also enjoys swimming and was not seen again in the marathon swims in open water.

In the track record of an actor includes working as a presenter on a cooking show. She helped to find out the preferences of the Russian strongman in the food. It turned out that Michael hardy and better potatoes with cucumbers for him. True, he does not hide that can not imagine life without meat, but not upset if it is missing in the daily menu. Life in the village and study in a military school taught him to be content with little.

The secrets of a strong body of Gosha Kutsenko

Charismatic and charming, gosh since childhood, fond of wrestling, and today prefers “manly” sports: Boxing, snowboarding, karting. The actor admits that with fun riding her bike and prefers such trips banal pastime at home watching TV. By profession the response times had to risk his health and life, performing different stunts in the movie, and it is subject only to the men who receive regular strenuous exercise.

Gosh he recognizes that to keep your body so fit he has the help of friends and doctors. They keep him in line and forced to undergo regular screening. They also helped the actor to say goodbye to the unhealthy urge to smoke and to win is not the most healthy eating habits. Today, the actor candidly says that it is sometimes healthier to eat some nonfat cottage cheese than to eat lots of fatty fried meats.

Vladimir Mashkov hard physical work and not only

Very soon this actor will celebrate its 55th anniversary, but its form can be the envy of 30-year-old. One of the most frequent questions to the honored artist of Russia for his body, but rather methods that allow you to maintain this form. The actor jokingly mentions some secret technique, special functional training, but really any secrets of his training does not. For every shooting, he takes a dumbbell and is in between takes, and as the horizontal bar and special shells using whatever is at hand.

Heavy physical exertion bring him both physical and moral satisfaction. The actor believes that the older you get, the more motivation and desire to appear to monitor their health, spending time in the gym, not on the secular parties. Such a pastime is abhorrent to the actor, the better he’ll do good for health and soul. Vladimir had to lose weight and gain weight for roles in movies, but in real life he prefers Italian cuisine — pasta with sauce, cheese, risotto with seafood. Perhaps, genes have an impact, because the grandmother of the famous actor — Italian.

How does Sergey Bezrukov?

One of favorite actors, the talented and inimitable Sergei Bezrukov could not boast of such muscles as Mikhail Porechenkov, but you can’t say that it stays in great for his age form. Slim, taut, he leads a healthy lifestyle, though not likes to boast of its sporting achievements. Although functional training is missing in his life, Sergei for several years regularly engaged in Boxing and considers it a great alternative to fitness. Such training is useful not only for the body but also the spirit, helping to throw out all the negative energy and to relieve stress.

In addition, Sergey enjoy skiing and always finds time for his Hobbies. As for the food, it is known that the actor is indifferent to alcohol and do not eat meat. But a vegan in every sense of the word it can not be considered, as the menu includes fish and dairy products. In the cafes and restaurants he does not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy Ukrainian vareniki with potatoes, and very fond of salads with fresh vegetables and herbs. The artist tries to stick to balanced and balanced diet, considering it a guarantee of good health and well-being.

Yevgeny Mironov about the injury that has given him the sports

An actor of remarkable talent, versatile and unique Yevgeny Mironov is not just in the interviews admitted that they actively engage in sports prevented him lazy. So it was up until 6 years ago he was injured during a performance that divided his life into before and after. The actor was treated in Germany for a long time was restored and today continues training system World Class. Professional coaches are not only allowed him to fully recover and return to his body and, in particular, the legs, mobility, but also given the opportunity to perform various stunts in the movie.

Still the same lazy way to Eugene to learn the culinary arts. The actor admits that absolutely can’t cook and the best that can do — is to fry eggs. But in the hotel and restaurants are not refuse to itself pleasure to taste meat and fish dishes, fresh vegetables and natural juices. No special diets Eugene does not follow, because they do not want to become a hostage of his appearance, it’s also a passion. Heavy exercise prefer access to the fitness club twice a week, and standing in front of a mirror with a barbell feels uncomfortable.

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