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The secret to weight loss

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In order to lose weight, you need to understand the difference between overweight and excessive fat and also to stop be addicted to weights. Collected here are non-obvious ways to speed up the process of weight loss.

If you ask people in the gym why they came here, most people will answer that they want to lose weight. They want to get rid of body fat, which is inconvenient and ugly, but do not distinguish between excess weight and excess fat. When losing weight, people fixated on the scales, it is vital to have figures on them become less and less. Many are disappointed and abandon training, when you realize that you have not lost, but gained another kilogram.

Let’s face it, a kilo of what they have lost? Total body weight consists of muscle, fat, organs, bones, connective tissues, water and undigested food. The weight of some of these things unstable, if weighed every day, the numbers will show then plus, then minus.

Not everyone knows that must be weighed in the morning and without clothes, before Breakfast, and start drinking water. Weight bones and organs are more stable, the difference in the numbers on the scales due to variations in weight of fat and muscle mass, as well as the amount of fluid in the body. You should not get rid of excess weight, and excess fat, they not only spoil the appearance, but also create health risks – back pain, increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, atherosclerosis, diabetes, heart attack and even a huge number of threats.

Experts in the field of fitness away from the concept of “weight loss”, instead of using a more correct definition of “getting rid of excess fat”.

From the point of view of fitness and health weight loss is a struggle with the accumulated fat deposits.

Most fitness enthusiasts don’t understand the difference.

Very often in the beginning slimming weight rapidly decreases, which causes joy and pride. But a sharp fall is due to loss of fluid, to get rid of fat in a short time is impossible. At the peak of popularity of the diet with restriction of consumption of certain foods, for example low carbohydrate. All these diets bring a drastic weight loss but then weight loss stops, now you know why this is happening.

There are only three ways to get rid of fat:

  • Eat fewer calories;
  • To expend more calories;
  • At the same time to consume less and expend more calories.

Reducing the amount of excess calories leads to burning body fat, increasing the number of available calories to the formation of new fat deposits. Therefore, even the most energy-intensive workouts do not help in sedentary lifestyle, excess calories not need to spend three times a week in the gym, and every day in all conditions. If you want to lose weight, you need to become more active, to organize their lives so as to move more.

Many believe that aerobic exercise is most effective for weight loss, so most people with the appearance of excess weight and start running or pedaling on the simulator. Cardio load really burn a lot of calories, but if you draw them two or three times a week, and the remaining time to be inactive, then weight loss will not happen. Similarly sabotages weight loss excessive calorie intake, if a person becomes active, and misses no opportunity to move, but still consume more calories than it spends, it will not lose weight.

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