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The secret to a perfect buttocks from actress Natalia Bardo: how to swing the ass?

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which showed Cosmo how to train the female part of the body. And helped her in this Ruslan Panov, expert-methodologist and coordinator directions group programs of the Federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit. So the secret fitness set to pumping buttocks — go for it!


Squat with a broad statement of the feet

Exercise 1

Starting position: wide stance with a turn stop at 45 degrees, hands in front, vertical back. This arrangement of the legs gives the supination of the thigh, and provides additional activation of the middle gluteal muscle. While driving have to squat to thighs parallel with the floor, averting the pelvis back. When lifting it is important to limit the movement of the pelvis forward of the neutral position. In one approach, 20-30 reps at a moderate pace focusing on technique.

Functional double screen attack

Exercise 2

Performing double screen attack, you need to put feet on one line in the amplitude of the normal step, and then do squats in the split step and pushed off to stand on viriditas leg, raising the thigh studiesa legs to the horizontal. During the entire cycle should keep the abdominal muscles and upper back in tension to maintain a neutral body position. The exercise is performed two fusion approaches on the right and left leg for 20-30 reps each. To increase the effect on the buttocks is necessary to distribute the load in the squat evenly on both legs. Also possible to cross the legs, while the maximum amplitude of the establishment of the foot is limited by the width of the pelvis, otherwise the exercise will be traumatic.

The slope on one foot

Exercise 3

Functional bending with its own weight traditionally regarded as the basis for the elaboration of the back. But if you perform the exercise with a squat on one leg, at the expense of active extension of the hip can pump up the buttocks. It is important to remember that all exercises of the complex — functional, so the back must be kept in the neutral position and the pelvis in the horizontal direction. Like the previous move, this exercise is necessary to perform the two approaches (right and left) to ensure symmetry of loadings. It will be sufficient to repeat 20-30 times in the approach.


Exercise 4

Exercise “Logger” is running, almost like a lunge. From the linear attack (in the phase of the squat) you need to perform the upgrade, at the same time turning the body 180 degrees and pulling your hands up (shoulders to keep relaxed). In the phase of the squat with your hands try to touch the floor, adding a slight tilt forward with a neutral back. During turns, you should carefully deploy the foot, not clasping her hands and holding them parallel to each other. To perform two symmetric approach with left and right attacks.

Shoulder bridge

Exercise 5

It is old and simple, but no less effective exercise. Complicate it and try to control the parallel thighs basic (primary workers) feet and one that is raised and long arm, increasing the load. The pelvis is too high to raise not necessarily enough in the phase of the maximum voltage of the buttocks to construct a direct line from shoulders to support the knee. To make symmetrical approaches 20-30 times at a slow pace, without jerks.

Functional square

Exercise 6

In the starting position first put knees under hips (hip vertical) and the palms under the shoulders (arms vertical), stretch the stomach, then raise your knees for 5-10 cm from the floor. From this position, lifting and pulling alternately left and right leg build in direct line with the body, avoiding the mobility of the whole body, especially the lumbar (lower back should be relaxed). At the beginning of the training approach should last 30-40 times. The number of repetitions can be increased after the exercise begins to be easier than earlier.

General guidelines

  • To achieve the result of a complete cycle must be repeated 3-4 times per workout.
  • Between sets you need to do recovery breaks with stretching of the buttocks and thighs (60-90 seconds).
  • Maximum attention should be paid to maintaining a neutral body position in each exercise (this will help to prevent injuries and additionally will work abs and back, will help to improve posture).

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