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The secret knowledge: how to eat everything without gaining weight

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Alexander Filimonov, a fitness trainer and nutritionist company NL International: “As you know, the key to a beautiful figure hiding in the exclusion from the diet of sweets, flour and fat. But this is not true. The main secret lies in the calculation of the “ill-fated” PFC (proteins, fats and carbs) and total calories. Girls note: if you want to have a great body, not necessarily to follow the advice of the fitness of bikinishot from Instagram, indicating that when calculating the PFC is necessary to use the maximum amount of protein, virtually eliminates carbohydrates and fats. After all, competition and fitness is a completely different concept and way of life. Why to waste your precious time on workout and diet not necessarily. Start small!”

First, it is necessary to know the basal metabolism — that is, the number of calories you need for energy supply of the body in a calm state. Remember: in any case, you cannot create a drastic calorie deficit (the condition in which a person loses weight) — is facing a minimum of stress to the body, as a maximum — serious health problems.

Secondly, count the number of calories that you consume daily. And to determine the correct deficiency, where you will gradually to lose weight, it is better to address to experts (nutritionists or dietitians). They will calculate the correct percentage of the deficit by 10%, 20% or 30% (using modern equipment — analyzers compositions of the body), given your goals, body condition, age and lifestyle. But there is a simple and budget way — there are many mobile apps for a couple of minutes calculate BDIM.

There is a stereotype that when regular exercise at the gym will grow huge shoulders, arms and legs. But this is a myth! The natural levels of testosterone — the male hormone responsible for muscle growth (and they have in excess) — in a woman’s body is very small. So, do not be afraid to become a “female bodybuilder”. Pumped and girls that have flooded the Internet, when you build your body, use male hormones.

Also, be aware of the calorie deficit. If you consume more than you spend, it will affect the growth of muscle mass and fat mass. Of course, you will gain supermasculinity figure, but slender like you can forget. That’s why you should count calories and to devote time to training (only three times per week for one hour).

To become the owner of the shapes of the dreams you need to exceed calorie a day diet, consuming the necessary calories from protein, fat and carbohydrates. The ratio of PFC may be different. In fact, you can eat your favorite foods, but in small quantities (at the same time clearly understand that there is a level of calories that you can not jump). In other words, eating 100 grams of chocolate you’re likely to pick up the required amount of carbohydrates permitted per day. So will have to give up carbohydrates, for example, in the form of buckwheat. And if you eat 30 grams of your favorite chocolate, then you still remain a free place for the very useful buckwheat, you will not feel that he refused his weakness.

Everything should be in moderation! Carbohydrates, fats and proteins you can get as sweet and chicken breast with buckwheat. But for fans of the sweet diet amount of food in grams would be much lower than the amount of food consumed based on complex carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Therefore, when losing weight, you must balance your favorite foods and dietary low-calorie food. This allows you to most comfortably endure the limitations and to create the right calorie deficit.

Sample diet:

Menu No. 1


Breakfast: oatmeal with water or soy milk with dried fruit, handful of nuts, or two boiled eggs with the yolk and a tea or coffee without sugar.
Lunch: boiled buckwheat, fish low-fat varieties, grilled, baked, boiled or steamed. Fresh vegetables.
Snack: an Apple or an orange.
Dinner: cottage cheese (low fat) and green tea.

Menu No. 2


Breakfast: cottage cheese pie with berries, green tea or coffee without sugar.
Lunch: brown rice, steak chicken breast (baked, boiled or steamed), salad with olive oil.
Snack: Apple, pear or citrus fruits.
Dinner: omelet of two eggs in skim milk, green tea without sugar.

Menu No. 3


Breakfast: muesli with skim milk, protein shake and one banana.
Lunch: pearl barley, beef (grilled, boiled or steamed), grilled vegetables.
Snack: an Apple or a grapefruit.
Dinner: fresh vegetables, baked fish low-fat varieties, tea without sugar.

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