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The second time unsafe: 7 reasons to re menstruation in one month

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1. You forgot to take a pill

Yes, the one pill. Or, for example, to get a shot or change a bandage. If so, to worry about discharge is not: a reaction to sudden changes in the level of hormones. Read the instructions to see if you need additional protection… and set reminders on all devices.

2. You’re pregnant

In most cases this condition means the absence of menstruation. But in some women, the allocation in the first trimester are still. They can be caused, for example, heavy physical activity or problems with the fetus. So started doing the test, and then according to the situation.

3. Polyps and tumors

Hormonal disruptions sometimes lead to what appear in the uterus polyps and fibroids. They, in turn, can cause intermenstrual bleeding. In house conditions to define the causes of blood impossible, so consult a doctor, he will conduct a thorough inspection.

4. Vaginal or cervical infection

Infections like bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis deliver the discomfort, and can also be the cause of secretions. If they are not treated, it becomes easier to get something more serious, like HIV.

5. Problems with the thyroid

It controls the production of hormones responsible for ovulation and menstruation. As a rule, among other symptoms — fatigue, racing weight, rapid pulse, mood swings. So to see a endocrinologist will not be superfluous.

6. Polycystic

Cysts on ovaries — diagnosis each of 10-20 women all over the world. In addition to the “wrong” selections, they can cause acne, weight gain, hair growth in the wrong places and problems with fertility.

7. Cancer and pre-cancerous cells

The worst reason of discharge not on the calendar. Most often it is ovarian cancer, and early detection will help save lives and health. So if you don’t feel well, and then there’s the unscheduled menstruation better go to the doctor!

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