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The rules of push-UPS for girls

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To learn how to do push-UPS for everyone, even if you’re a fragile girl. There are several rules of learning the push UPS, if you follow them, then very soon you will be able to do push-UPS every workout.

Pushups should be done at least because this exercise involves the whole body, and dozens of variations will not get bored. This exercise is used to overcome plateau in weight loss, pushups useful for trained athletes and for those who yesterday didn’t even think about sports. Starting to do push-UPS, girls often have difficulty, these rules will help to overcome them.

Start with a simple

Push-UPS will benefit, if they run you’re going to bend the back or to admit other errors. First – development of technology, and later the load increases. Girls should start to do push-UPS from knees, to work out the proper execution and then go to the classic push-up.

Gradually complicate

Maybe even pushups from the knees seems too complicated. In this case you need to do push-UPS from the wall in a vertical position, it will prepare the shoulder girdle to more serious loads. As soon as the current version of the pushups seem simple, you need to immediately move on to the more complex muscle like the progression of loads.

Rest your hands slightly wider than shoulders

Narrow and wide setting of the hands during push-UPS is to move the maximum load on different muscle groups, and the ability to handle the load. For learning push UPS the girl is better to put your palms slightly wider than your shoulders to your thumbs were located on the same line as the armpits.

Keep your back flat

When the back bends, the muscles of the body becomes lower, for the same reason, don’t need to move the buttocks during push-UPS.

The back should be flat from neck to tailbone and not to change your position throughout the approach.
Keep your hips

If during a push-up hip will SAG, you will inevitably encounter pain in the lower back. During the exercise with the strength to strain the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, but will also greatly involve the stomach below the navel closer to the spine.

Don’t tilt your head

Neutral position of the spine extends to the neck, so that during downward movement it is impossible to lower or tilt the head. Pick a point on the floor or on the rug, and pull from her gaze, this simple technique helps to lock the position of the head.

Do focus on quality

The main thing – not the number of repetitions, and their quality. Better to do five perfect pushups than it is to squeeze out as much as twenty repetitions wrong. Incorrect execution of push-UPS is muscle imbalance and risk injury.

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