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The rules of etiquette at the fitness club

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The rules of etiquette at the fitness club
The contents

  • Hygiene and equipment for fitness
  • Etiquette in dealing with fitness equipment
  • What not to do when you exercise

So as not to bring inconvenience to others and not feel in the gym is not at ease, and the novice and the experienced visitor to the fitness club it is important to observe unwritten rules of etiquette. These behaviors — common to all sports fans, they are in every gym. Knowledge of such rules will set up a working mood, helps to relieve psychological stress and not get into a conflict situation. As part of the “iron” etiquette?

Hygiene and equipment for fitness

In the gym it is important not to forget that meet on clothes. The fitness equipment must be not only comfortable, functional and appropriate. Men shouldn’t go for a workout in the stretched tights or boxer shorts, stop wearing t-shirts. The fair sex is better to abandon the tops with a deep neckline and ultra-short shorts, sheer pants and t-shirts. In such clothes it is uncomfortable to perform the exercises, plus the attention of visitors will be provided. And be sure to change into clean shoes and not to wear street shoes in the fitness club.

The right clothing should absorb sweat, so it is advisable to buy clothes from modern materials. But quality leggings, t-shirts, sports pants will not help to remove the smell of old sweat. That’s why clothing for fitness needs to be washed often, like sneakers. No need to try to “score” the odor of perfume or deodorant. Perfume will not mask this scent. In addition, before going to the gym and refused to use it, not to annoy other visitors.

Many fitness clubs have saunas and swimming pools. Before going into the steam room or swimming, take a shower to wash away all odors. Walk the premises of the sauna needs in flip-flops. And in the steam room should go barefoot, unless the rules state otherwise. With him necessarily need to take two towels. One is to remove excess moisture, and on the second you can sit on the benches. The gym towel will come in handy. They can wipe oozed sweat. To remove moisture from the equipment after exercises are finished.

In fitness training you have to take a change of clothes and shoes, except for the equipment. To put things better into a compact backpack, not a huge bag, which can offend other visitors in the locker room. When changing form, it is important not to occupy a large space, if there are other guests of the gym.

Etiquette in dealing with fitness equipment

Often in the gym, there is a need to hold several shells. For example, when you have a circular fitness training. But if the trainer does not need, at least in the next 10-15 minutes, no need to hang your towel or to put next to a bottle of water. You need to give to do some other visitors.

A gross violation of the unspoken rules is the analysis prepared for the rod without asking. If the neck is fixed pancakes — you must first clarify whether the projectile. And only then begin to “tweak” it for themselves.

After operation of a simulator or rod you must return the equipment to its original state. Fitness classes come and newcomers who may be not under force to remove heavy loads from the vulture, to open the locks. All used pancakes and dumbbells need to be put in their places by weight and sight. Not as it will be easier and faster.

In the analysis of the rod can not throw the pancakes on the floor or noise to lower the neck on the rack. These sound sources can irritate focused on the exercise athletes. In addition, such a handling equipment makes fitness training unsafe. You can drop the pancake on foot passing by the person, or yourself.

To use the shells you need in accordance with their functionality. For example, it is not necessary to occupy a work area with free weights to accomplish stretching to make the exercises. All the benches after themselves should also be wiped clean.

There is another important aspect in the handling of projectiles. You can not push the free weights legs. So they can stain or again once again to cause the noise. Athletes also there is a superstition associated with equipment gyms. You should not step over the barbell — your own or someone else’s. It is believed that this can lead to injury.

What not to do when you exercise

Sports list of “crimes” that sin, some visitors of fitness clubs, is not too extensive:

  • It is undesirable to go to the gym with her hair. Such negligence can lead to injury — the curls can get in the simulator, they can accidentally pull, etc. Not to mention the fact that the scattered shells lost hair clearly not happy with other athletes.
  • Not worth loud and long to talk on the phone at the gym. It is desirable to turn off or make quieter ringing sound, so as not to distract the visitors during the work.
  • It is important to respect the personal space of other athletes, not to stand “over soul” in the gym, waiting until the right trainer.
  • It is not necessary to give advice to “colleagues” at the fitness club, even if they are not using any shell, make mistakes in the technique of exercise. The recommendations are relevant only if they are asked to voice. Besides, non-professional advice may cause harm.
  • The gym shouldn’t stand absolute silence, but also endlessly to communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend also should not be. Music is better to listen only in the headphones.
  • We should not go for a selfie in the gym, especially if the mirrors people are doing. If you really want to make a photo, wait until the visitors will be less.
  • Can’t be late for group fitness classes. So you can skip the warm-up and to prevent other athletes, to distract the coach. About the delay, it is desirable to warn the instructor in advance by telephone.
  • It is advisable to be friendly to all visitors of the gym, even if they come to fitness training for the first time or is a stranger to you people. To greet and to say goodbye to and personnel this is the basic rules of politeness.

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