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The results of the tournament in Vancouver About 2019 send Iranian Hadi Cupana in the United States?

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This weekend, Canada hosted the competition in bodybuilding and fitness Vancouver Pro 2019. In open category the winner was an Iranian athlete Hadi Chupan (Hadi Choopan), which is usually in a lighter division 212 lb. What that means for the Federation IFBB Professional League? Now we need to let “the Wolf of Persia” on a Las Vegas stage, organizing him a visa, what to do is problematic, but possible. It needs to be in an open group of bodybuilding, and in the absence of Phil Heath (Phil Heath), Shawn Rhoden (Shawn Rhoden), Rami Mamdu Lesbia (Big Ramy Mamdouh Elssbiay), this bodybuilder might make a “nuclear explosion” on the stage and pick up the statuette of Sandow in Iran. And it is in the eyes of the US military, such as Cedric McMillan (Cedric McMillan).
Second in Vancouver About 2019 judges described as “hot” winner of the British Grand Prix 2019 Pro Nathan De Asha (Nathan DeAsha), which is just haibowal and make money. Czech Lukas Osladil (Lukas Osladil) took the canadian scene bronze and added to his qualifying points in the Olympia Qualification System table Standings. Most likely the athlete will get to 2019 Olympia on points.

IFBB Open Men

1. Hadi Choopan
2. Nathan Deasha
3. Lukas Osladil
4. Iain Valliere
5. Josh Wade
6. Quinton Eriya
7. Slavoj Bednar
8. Samson Dauda
9. Manuel Canadillas Sanchez
10. Julio Cesar-Balestrin
11. Sibusiso Kotelo
12. Manuel Elias Gutierrez
13. Quincy Winklaar
14. Jon Anderson
15. Jorge Trejo Reyes
16. Stephen Frazier
17. Thomas Shaw
Leon Eastman


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