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The reduction of arms in the simulator butterfly

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The reduction of arms in the simulator “butterfly” is intended to isolate pectoralis muscles. Work chest in other exercises, for example, all presses, push-UPS, and information hands in front of him. But in bodybuilding is regarded point study, allowing muscles to acquire the same filled volume and appearance to which all aspire. Pronounced breast is a combination of zimowych movements with isolation. Work in the simulator allows you to do everything from beginners to high-performance athletes. It is safe, and with proper construction of the training plan effective. The mixing allows to avoid harmful to the shoulder joint plane, suitable for rehabilitation after injuries.

The contents

  • 1 Technique
  • 2 Options exercise
  • 3 Analysis exercises
    • 3.1 Anatomy
    • 3.2 the benefits of exercise
    • 3.3 Disadvantages of exercise
  • 4 Preparing to exercise
  • 5 Correct exercise
  • 6 inclusion in the program
  • 7 Contraindications
  • 8 Alternative


Setup of the simulator:

  • The seat should be installed so that the athlete could keep his hands in front of chest, to put it anatomically correct, allow the shoulder to the midline of the body. His forearms should be in one plane with the projection of the shoulder joint;
  • The back should be horizontal, the slope must be removed if it is;
  • If it is not possible to cling to the back of the station because of the length of the arms, should not take hold of the handles, and slightly above or below, but the blades touch the back anyway;
  • The starting position of the handles – anatomical neutral position, i.e. the position from which we start from the divorced to the side with hands parallel to the floor;
  • If you have experience in bodybuilding, joints work fine, and no problems with your back, you can remove the handle back a little so that the negative phase was felt more stretching of the muscles. Beginners this option is not recommended;
  • Seat height is chosen so that the feet touched the floor, and there was a good emphasis feet. If not, should be placed under the foot blocks or pancakes

Starting position – need to sit on the seat of the simulator, to plant the feet into the floor, and take the handlebars loose grip. Next, the shoulders are removed from the ears, shoulder blades pressed against the spine, and down to the pelvis. The deflection of the waist should keep natural.


  • The handles comes down to the center of the body, due to the contraction of the muscles of the breast;
  • The offset grip up shifted the emphasis to the upper beam pectorally muscles, sinking to the bottom of the breast, but the emphasis is low;
  • Breeding is done gently, the hands are discharged to the side smoothly, without jerks;
  • Better to settle and breed on the two accounts, without jerks;
  • All repetitions performed without a pause, a unified approach, rest between sets for 1-2 minutes


  • Be sure that shoulders are not raised up to the ears and in motion were unaffected of the trapezius muscle;
  • Backward bend in the thoracic spine to exclude, round back – the cause of injury;
  • The tailbone should be in a neutral position, it does not need to “push” up, and drag them to the lower edges;
  • Feet rest on the floor sparingly, and “push” the body with each repetition up is not necessary;
  • The press need to pull up slightly to gather, the belly falls out;
  • No need to make movements jerky, push the handle to the midline of the body due to the inertia, and to tear the blades from the back of the simulator;
  • Beginners and training for fitness should not take the hands over the midline of the body. It can be cause injury of the shoulder;
  • This isolated exercise, it is necessary to compare its capabilities relative to the weight of the weights. It is better to use a small weight, but work the muscles carefully, not pushing the trainer out of inertia, and taking the hands and tensing of the chest

Important: if the person doesn’t feel like you need to strain the chest during mixdown, you can try mixing with light dumbbells lying on a straight bench. This movement teaches us to keep his hands to the center without additional inertial movements, and work the shoulders.

Options exercises

Contrary to popular belief, breeding hands in the simulator “peck-Dec” or “butterfly” is working not the chest, and the rear beam deltoid muscle. A variant of this exercise it can not be considered.

If there’s peck-deck, should:

  • To keep arms with light weights, lying on a straight or slightly inclined bench;
  • To reduce front a arm crossover attached to the upper block;
  • To do the mixing ourselves in the TRX loops

The technical feature of all “reducing” movements of one hand moving in the middle line, in front of your chest, you can’t “bully” them to the head, or lower towards the stomach.

The movement is the work in pitch decks with stops. There is an option of the simulator with soft pads for forearms. It provides information at a reduced amplitude, reducing the elbow joint. The technique repeats the work in the classic peck deck with handles. The advantage of this simulator is the ability to perform a “sweeper” after the heavy presses.

Breeding hands in pitch decks is not a compensating note, to make it makes sense not to chest workout, and when training the shoulders or the back. It is performed sitting face to the back of the station, hands are pushed back, arms to repel the midline of the body, and smoothly presented in the original position.

Analysis exercises


  • The main engine of the large and small pectoral muscle. Due to their reduction is the reduction of shoulder to center of the body, at a dilution of muscle to compensate for the inertial force, and make the work smooth.
  • Additional working muscle is the anterior deltoid, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis muscle, the upper head of the bicep.
  • Muscle – stabilizers, latissimus dorsi, rhomboid, long muscle of a back, direct muscle the press, the quadriceps and the hamstrings, gluteal.

The benefits of exercise

  • The opportunity to work at any level of physical development. Exercise is accessible to experienced bodybuilders and newcomers from the first day of classes;
  • The movement gives less stress on the shoulder stabilizers than a mixing of dumbbells in front of chest. This allows you to turn it into a rehabilitation program after shoulder injuries;
  • The load is smoothly distributed among all bundles of the pectoral muscles, and allows them to work efficiently;
  • Missing work zimowych muscles – triceps, and back. You can train the chest in isolation

Cons exercise

  • To build muscle mass, some “wiring” not yet received none. This movement is necessary as an addition to the presses, and not as their replacement;
  • In the exercise work the chest muscles, but the stabilizers of the shoulder off. If you include the inertia, the trauma can still be obtained

Preparation for exercise

This movement completes a set of exercises for chest muscles. It is implied that articular exercises and advanced stretching are done before the first bench. Beginners should not perform more than 12 working approaches of all exercises for the exercise, experienced athletes can do more, individually picking up the load.

Stretching the muscles in the middle of training before any one exercise makes no sense. Typically, such actions reduce the force of muscle contraction, and reduce the effectiveness of the class.

The exception is the stretch of the triceps after the main zimowych movements. You need to sit on the bench, bring the forearm behind the head and a little pressure on the elbow. This will help more comfortable to keep hands in front of him, but will not remove the tone from the chest.

Correct exercise

Anatomically optimum position of the brush arranged in the plane of the middle line of the chest. Mixing should be done in an arcuate path in front of chest. If the design of the simulator includes the possibility of emphasis in the soft cushions of the forearm, the elbow should be on the midline of the chest.

Can strengthen the work of the chest, making a short pause at the point where arms are kept, and statically straining the muscles. But this does not necessarily lead to more significant growth. These methods are selected individually, and their performance depends on the structure of the muscle tissue of the athlete, the predominance of a particular type of fiber.

No need to allow “fracture” of the hands, or excessive pressure on them. The grip should not be too tight, should be comfortable to keep his hands, clamping arm with your fingers. However, it is better to use a closed grip.

Not allowed separation of the blades from the seat back and tilt the shell forward. If the athlete prefers to use a substantial weight, is to help him to move the hands forward. But this technique is not recommended for beginners, and fitness. It is suitable only for experienced bodybuilders.

Traffic efficiency is reduced if you run it in spurts. When pain in elbow is to watch how much they bent, and find the best angle. The more flexion in the elbow joint, the biceps is more involved in exercise.

Inclusion in the program

The training program cannot be based alone on the information in the simulator. You should include exercise second, if we are talking about the beginner who performs two movements for the chest, or the final exercise in the program.

Some people prefer large-scale work for 12-15 reps, 3-4 approach someone of a different layout – 10 reps 5-6 sets. The choice depends on the objectives of the athlete. Desantirovanie sets are more suited to work in law enforcement period, mnogoobraznye – for those who are engaged only for the sake of hypertrophy of muscles.

Sometimes the motion is used to pre-fatigue your chest in programmes aimed at hypertrophy. Such things are practiced by athletes of the highest level. They are designed and dropsey information – work on 10-12 repetitions high, and then gradually reducing weight.


Not recommended when pectorally tears, sprains, and discomfort in the anterior deltoid, and inflammation of the shoulder joints. Athletes working on strength, movement should be performed with average or low weight, not to perestrelyat chest, and not get injured chest on the bench press.


Many people believe that breeding with dumbbells lying down – this is a traumatic exercise, but here it is necessary to reduce the weight of the dumbbells, and to control the trajectory so as not to get injured. In practice, the push back is more dangerous for the shoulders than a minor distortion of the trajectory for lying.

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