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The program of the bench press bar according to the version of IPF

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What is IPF, and when was it created? Why the Federation is considered the most prestigious in powerlifting? How to learn to bar press for laws and regulations, and the IPF? The answers to these questions, read this article.

IPF is one of the most prestigious federations in powerlifting that has existed for over 40 years. It not only holds international competitions, but also creates recommendations for training. IPF standards for the bench press will help aspiring athletes to understand the features of powerlifting and understand what conditions are required for participation in sports.

The history of

Federation International Powerlifting Federation, known under the shorter name of the IPF was formed in 1972 in the United States. A year after the Foundation held its first competition. IPF is the only Federation recognized at the international level, so her standards are used for the training of professional powerlifters.

The organization was founded in the midst of the active rivalry of athletes in the field of weightlifting from the UK and the USA.

The task of the new Federation was to prevent disputes and disagreements about the rules of the competition.

The number of participants gradually increased and by 1979 exceeded 100 people. A year later in the competition have participated the lifters from 18 countries, among which there were women.

In 1981 first introduced the doping control. After a year decided to conduct tests in accordance with the rules laid down by the International Olympic Committee. In subsequent years, the competitions gradually moving to the Russian team, who continue to occupy a leading position now. According to recent reports, the IPF competition involved athletes from 108 countries.

Requirements to execution of the bench press in the IPF Federation

According to IPF standards, a bench press is performed according to the following rules:

  • It is forbidden to change the position of the feet, to detach the heel from the floor and the pelvis, the head and shoulder from the bench.
  • The athlete has the right to choose the width of grip, but it must not become a special mark on the fretboard. It is forbidden to carry out lifting barbells with an open palm.
  • Do not count the benches in the “touch” or “repulsed”, the flow from the rod to the bottom position, not straight arms, the indentation of the neck in the chest or abdomen.
  • During the competition, the execution of the bench press is controlled by the judge. All actions are performed exclusively according to his commands:

    • “Start” – acceptance of the original provisions requiring the filing rods in the hands of the athlete (in this case it should touch the breast);
    • “Bench” – the beginning of the exercise (the command is given after a certain pause);
    • “Stand” – the end of the last repetition.

    In competition can participate athletes involved in bodybuilding and heavy athletics, martial arts, because their training coincides with the training program for powerlifters. But the requirements in IPF is higher than in other federations.


    One of the main differences between IPF – hard and is regulated by vultures. Support equipment when performing exercises is not compulsory, however, the athlete should not be more than one layer of fabric. The organization’s leadership to decide what clothes manufacturers to allow the use of athletes. The rules of IPF is considered the most restrictive among the federations of powerlifting. According to his orders, records set outside the official competitions, is not recognized. The organization also refuses to consider the achievements of athletes, not related to the national federations, even if they acted according to the rules of IPF.

    At the moment, the regulations for women and men are highlighted. Changes in 2018 for the bench press is not received, therefore, the current rules remain relevant.

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