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The program fitness workouts for pumping deltas

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The program fitness workouts for pumping deltas
The contents

  • Features of the anatomical structure of the shoulder
  • Key points for fitness training of the shoulder girdle
  • Home exercises for the effective development of the shoulder girdle
  • Important tips to improve the efficiency of fitness training

Powerful, muscular shoulders — a reason for pride of any man. The modern fitness industry provides a chance to the representatives of the stronger sex to achieve impressive results in this area even without visiting the gym. Developed different training systems for effective development of the deltoid muscles and in the home.

Features of the anatomical structure of the shoulder

The shoulder joint is the most movable part of the human body. It can rotate in different directions with any range of motion. It covers the deltoid muscle owes its name to the similarity with the letter of the Latin alphabet. The muscle fibers of the Delta consist of 3 beams, each of which has a particular function. The front beam is responsible for stretching hands in front of him, the rear beam makes it possible to lead hands ago, and the functional responsibilities of the middle part of the retraction limb to the side.

That is the deltoid muscle form the shoulder volume. Therefore, for qualitative strengthening of the shoulder girdle and create a symmetrical terrain power fitness training must include sports items, involving all three muscle bundle.

Key points for fitness training of the shoulder girdle

For muscle growth and increase strength required positive stress and tension. Overcoming power resistance, they developed and strengthened.

The basis of fitness, aimed at strengthening the shoulder girdle, planted 3 kinds of exercises:

  • bench;
  • thrust;
  • breeding.

Bench and deadlifts are considered the basic elements of strength training, aimed at comprehensive study of multiple muscle groups. Exercises performed in the technique of cultivation, specifically working on only the deltoid muscle fibers. The combination of a base force elements with insulation brings maximum result. At the same time to exercise from the vertical position takes an additional amount of energy balance.

Home exercises for the effective development of the shoulder girdle

A quarter of the fitness workout should be devoted to strengthening the front of the Delta, one quarter is devoted to the study of the rear beam, and half the training time is to pay for strengthening the medial part of the deltoid muscle. Programme elements aimed at the study of the different muscle parts should be alternated among themselves.

  • Dumbbell bench press standing.

A required element of fitness to strengthen the shoulders. It involves simultaneously all the parts of the deltoid muscle. Hands with dumbbells are placed near the head: so that brushes were at ear level. Then on the exhales are smooth lifts hands up.

  • Breeding hands with dumbbells from a standing position.

Isolation exercise to strengthen the middle beam of the Delta. As follows: slightly bent at the elbows hands with dumbbells pull ourselves on the level of the chest. You can do a slight tilt forward. The back should remain straight, since its rounding in bodily injury. Breeding hands to the sides to shoulder level is performed with a deep lingering breath. At the extreme point, it is important to get a lock in 3-5 seconds.

  • Mahi dumbbells in the slope.

The fitness element of the isolated type allows you to work on the rear beam deltas. It runs from the oblique position in prosohnut feet. The body should be parallel to the floor, back remains straight, but let’s say the deflection in the lower back. Dumbbells need to have a classic grip, the brush is deploy to himself. Hand drop down, a little bent elbow joints. On the exhale you need to pull up the hands up to shoulder line and the inhale return them back. If you raise the hands sideways, and straight ahead, the work will involve the anterior and medial part of the deltoids, trapezium and back muscles.

For the best study of the medial bundle of the Delta do swings from a vertical position. The proper technique the body should remain stationary throughout the approach.

  • Jim Arnold.

This sports power element of fitness includes the work of all three parts of the deltoid muscle at the same time. The initial position of the hands with dumbbells are located at the level of the clavicles, elbows bent at a right angle, the brush is sent to him. Lifting dumbbells is a reversal of the palms 180 degrees. The movements are smooth, rhythmic. Sharp jerks increase load on the spine.

  • The vertical thrust.

Complex, traumatic, but effective exercise that actively enable the front and medial bundle of deltas, as well as the trapezius muscle. Running from the vertical position. The back must remain straight throughout the execution of all the fitness element. On the exhale, pull the dumbbells to the chin, throwing elbows in different directions. Hold the point until you feel “burning” in the muscles. Inhaling, slowly lower the hands down.

  • Push-UPS.

Various techniques of push UPS are great for study of the shoulder girdle. Follow them as deep as possible and with high amplitude movements. Nice tone shoulders and push-UPS on one hand. Push UPS with a raised leg due to the shift of gravity will work more muscles of the Delta. Pushups with the feet elevated significantly strengthen the deltoid muscle. And the higher are the legs and wider setting of the hands, the more load on the shoulders.

Also effective for development of beams of the deltas push-UPS, performed in the technique area. For performers advanced level suitable vertical pushups from handstand. They give a tremendous load on the shoulder girdle and increase strength.

Important tips to improve the efficiency of fitness training

To classes brought visible effect without harm to health, you need to build a training programme based on us following rules:

  • Warm-up block must precede any power fitness training for smooth take stock of the organism to stress. It is necessary to activate the blood flow, to gradually prepare the muscle fibers and the articular-ligamentous apparatus to the load, and must include exercises for the development of the shoulder, elbow, knee, cervical and lumbar spine. Warm-up is performed in a top-down, i.e. from the head to the lower extremities.
  • The working approach complete preliminary training set with less stress to prepare the muscles and Refine the technology.
  • Important strict adherence to proper technique of performance of an element. A small number of correct repetitions is much more effective than many repetitions done correctly. Here the quality is much more important than quantity.
  • You need a competent selection of working weights that are optimally appropriate to the individual parameters and the fitness level of the performer.
  • Aim for a gradual increase in load and intensity.
  • Try to produce 7-12 repetitions of an element in each approach.
  • When performing exercises need to stay at the point of peak reductions for 3-5 seconds. It is several times increases the efficiency of the approach.
  • Do training sets 2-3 times a week.
  • Alternate training days for rest and recovery. Peretiranie muscles reduce functionality and increase the risk of injury.
  • Observe the principles of proper breathing: the active phase of the exercises performed on the exhale, negative breath.
  • Maintain optimal water balance: try to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean drinking water per day.
  • Broad-shouldered, muscular man has long been considered a symbol of manhood and of strength. To achieve large, bold deltoid muscle can and at home. Most importantly, patience, perseverance and, without stopping, to move to the target.

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