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The program features exercises for developing endurance

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The program features exercises for developing endurance
The contents

  • The types of endurance and methods of its development in the fitness training
  • Examples of effective exercises for endurance
  • Rules for conducting fitness activities for the development of endurance

Stamina is a useful quality that not only guarantees high performance sport, but also makes life easier. Hardy people may take longer to perform various exercises and work not feeling tired. Fortunately those who can not boast of a good stamina, this quality can be developed through specific physical activities, regularly provided on the body.

The types of endurance and methods of its development in the fitness training

Resistance to loads exerted during daily physical activity or fitness workouts are divided into two types:

  • Common.

Aerobic endurance is the ability of a person to carry out any activity of moderate intensity, without feeling fatigue or lack of energy over a long period of time.

  • Specific.

This type of resistance of the organism implies the ability to exercise with a specific load and a given intensity for a certain, sufficiently long period of time.

Specific type of endurance, in turn, is divided by several subspecies, each of which plays a significant role in achieving successful results fitness:

  • speed endurance.

It is due to the maximum duration period of time during which a person can perform certain movements in a specified rate;

  • coordination.

This resistance allows a person to perform exercises in conditions that require a clear coordination of actions of ignoring external distractions;

  • power.

Characterized by the ability to sustain heavy physical activities without loss of effectiveness.

For the development of General aerobic endurance is necessary to carry out fitness training in which all movements are performed cyclically, the work involved most of the major muscle groups, and the load is distributed evenly. This can be, for example, walking, Cycling and swimming and skiing or rollerblading. To improve the performance of the specific resistance of the body is necessary to focus on competitive drills and use the following methods:

  • method uniform exposure.

It involves continuous work with the given amplitude, speed and pace;

  • the method of providing a variable load.

When using this technique in the gym there is a periodic change in intensity, speed and amplitude of movements;

  • the method of cyclic repetition.

Implying a quick implementation of the maximum number of repetitions within a given period of time;

  • circular method.

Circular fitness classes are distinguished by the fact that in them the movements are performed one after the other, then do a short pause for recovery of respiratory rhythm and pulse, and then the circle repeats. Such circles can be an arbitrary amount depending on the initial level of physical training;

  • games technique.

It is characterized by the development of endurance during the game. An additional advantage of this method can be called practicing the skill of controlling emotions;

  • competitive method.

Suggesting the increasing resistance of the organism in the result of competitive exercises.

Examples of effective exercises for endurance

For active stimulation of the development of endurance is necessary to conduct regular fitness training, including, for example, a physical activity:

  • A long cross. Running should not be too fast, but for a sufficiently long period of time (up to 2 hours).
  • Sprints or fast running on the gentle or medium distances.
  • Long fitness classes, which alternates running and walking. Such training can last for several hours.
  • Swimming lessons. To improve the physical endurance to swim should not quick, but long.
  • Outdoor competitive games, such as football, basketball, volleyball.
  • Brisk walking or skiing long distances. For the development of resistance of the organism in conditions of high loads is required for one of the fitness workout to run to ski at least 15 miles.
  • Serial jumping rope. Jump using different types of jumps, you need at least 60 seconds, after which you should rest for 2 minutes and then repeating a series of exercises with a skipping rope.
  • The Cycling from low speed, but over long distances.
  • Cycling for short distances with the development of maximum speed.
  • Rules for conducting fitness activities for the development of endurance

    To achieve maximum durability of the body, it is necessary when performing exercises endurance to adhere to a number of simple but important rules, depends on maintaining the productivity of the work

    • before rendering the main physical activity you need to perform a complex warm-up exercises.

    Warming up helps to gradually introduce the body in the mode of high-intensity work in conditions of fast pulse, and respiration. Through this training you can greatly increase the efficiency and reduce the risk of injury;

    • you must train regularly and purposefully.

    This means that the load, increase stamina, must be in the fitness program binding point;

    • the systematic increasing of the load.

    In the process of adaptation of the organism to provide him effects need to increase the intensity of exercises to achieve a higher level of durability;

    • developing endurance, it is necessary to consider initial level of fitness and possible contraindications.

    Too heavy load and stress can trigger health problems. To control heart rate and prevent acceleration of the heart rate to a limiting value recommended during exercise use a wearable heart rate monitor.

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