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The power of physical exertion for developing strength

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The power of physical exertion for developing strength
The contents

  • What is physical strength
  • Food to maintain physical strength
  • Fitness training for the development of power indicators
  • Exercises at the gym weight
  • Mode of physical activity

Physical strength is one of the most necessary for comfortable and safe life resources. To develop this valuable indicator, both men and women are turning to special physical stress. Power fitness training helps to efficiently work all muscles of the body and to become fitter.

What is physical strength

Physical strength is commonly understood as the totality of body reserves that allow you to lift heavy weight, withstand massive overloads, to resist disease and injury. Also high power is the ability to give physical resistance to engage in challenging work in a long time, to maintain the activity and vitality for many hours.

Strength is especially important in modern conditions with an extremely intense rhythm of life, so these skills should be developed from a very young age to all people — regardless of age, gender and amount of daily activity.

Food to maintain physical strength

To maintain the desired degree of physical strength to help not only intense exercise, but proper nutrition. Food should be sufficiently balanced to allow your body to recharge and use it for the further development of power standards.

A system of proper nutrition is not a diet — it is a unique mode of food intake, which optimizes the work of the body and helps him to extract maximum value from food consumed.

A physically strong person should not feel hunger as a calorie deficit weakens all the basic functions of life body. In order not to starve and keep the energy levels high, you need to include in the diet more protein — the basic building element for the growth of muscles. The more a person eats protein (meat, fish, legumes, eggs, dairy products), the stronger his muscles and the higher strength. Also, a balanced diet affects the levels of the hormone testosterone, responsible for physical endurance.

Fitness training for the development of power indicators

Strength training is the key to successful increase major sports figures. All because the sport helps to develop muscles, strengthening muscle tissue. To perform exercises to increase strength both at home and in the gym. However, it is worth remembering that most of the loadings of the power mode can be traumatic for newbies, so before classes mandatory a thorough warm-up to warm up the muscle fibers.

Physical activity to develop strength and relief of muscle differs in intensity and method of training. So, for example, relief muscles requires frequent repetitions and fast movements. To increase strength, you must perform a smaller number of approaches, but with greater amplitude and latency on the peaks of tension in the muscles.

The best option fitness workouts to increase physical strength — development of each muscle group in a day or two. Muskulaturnoy group needs to be replaced in turn: first the developed muscles of the upper body, then the back, the thoracic, abdominal area, legs.

Among the most effective loadings of power character are:

  • pushups in different variations (basic, fists, with a raised leg, from the support);
  • pullups on the bar with different grip;
  • work with a barbell (deadlifts, lunges, squats, bench press because of the head, Bulgarian squats, pull-through, pull to the belt);
  • load with dumbbells or kettlebells (swings, with different body position, lifts, shocks, mixing and dilution);
  • squats with different feet and setting various weights.

To increase the effectiveness of the above physical exercise are recommended immediately after training to use weight gainers or protein shakes. They are not chemical additives, but help muscles grow much faster. Sports nutrition is one of the best assistants on the way to a healthy and strong body.

Exercises at the gym weight

Gyms are a huge number of strength training equipment. They will help to increase physical force in the proper techniques of the exercises. However, not all people like to work on the equipment. Every body is different, so many athletes prefer to build up strength just from its own weight.

The main advantage of simulators is that many of them can be adjusted in height, width and length, so that the equipment adjusts well under the athlete and allows more efficient pumping of muscles. Most modern shells eliminate the possibility of injury due to the presence of special constraints. Professional sports equipment arranged so that the physical load was distributed across all target areas uniformly, without transferring excessive stress to the neighboring muscles.

In the case of exercises with free weights or your own very easy to overtrain, especially for a beginner. And yet it is the fitness workout with their weight productively help to increase strength than machines. In the process of exercise of each such person not only further develops the tendons, joints, ligaments, muscles, extensors and stabilizers, but also can independently change the intensity of the load.

For novice athletes who wish to become physically stronger, we recommend fiznagruzki on strength training equipment. The first classes with shells will help to learn the correct technique of exercises will form a tough muscular system, strengthen the important large muscles and adapting the body for subsequent training. After that you can go to the fitness training with free weights.

Mode of physical activity

To become stronger, you will need not only to draw up a programme of fitness training, but also to pay attention to their sports regime. The main rule of increasing strength — less repetitions and more weight. The most appropriate treatment for the athlete-beginner — 3-4 set of selected exercises for 10 to 12 repetitions.

To conduct classes more than 3-4 times a week is not recommended. Days between strength training sessions to give the muscles a rest, otherwise, increases the likelihood of degradation of muscles and the occurrence of training stagnation, from which it is very difficult to get rid of.

The development of the power indicators is an important step for any person. The development of this valuable resource will help both in sports and in life. The increased strength will not only make the human life safer, but will also have on the body tonic effect. It is only necessary to take into account important tips and regularly power fitness training.

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