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The optimum time of day for fitness: the pros and cons

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The optimum time of day for fitness: the pros and cons

The contents

  • Communication of time training and weight loss
  • Morning fitness: advantages and disadvantages
  • The pros and cons of physical activity in the evenings

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts interested in the question of when it is healthier to exercise, and what time of day the effect of it stronger. Most have no opportunity to train in the morning, as it takes time to work, but those who have choices, it’s important to know all the pros and cons of physical activity in the morning and evening to make the right choice in favor of health.

Communication of time training and weight loss

If the main goal of your workouts to remove excess weight and to tighten the muscles, then you especially need to understand the influence of time of day for classes for weight loss.

Doctors say the metabolism in our body until 5 PM focus on intensive consumption of energy, and after that metabolic rate is reduced. This fact speaks about the benefits of morning fitness to combat excess fat. In addition, any physical activity will first start the process of spending available in the body of carbohydrates, then excess fat. But the fact is that, waking up and immediately going to the gym, you eat nothing and the available carbohydrate reserves during the night greatly exhausted, therefore, the process of burning fat during the morning fitness run much faster. So if you find it difficult to fight with body fat, schedule workouts in the morning.

Playing sports in the evening also have a positive effect on weight, because the process of burning fat reserves can last for another 12 hours after exercise, but more importantly for this condition: to exclude from your dinner, fats and carbohydrates, proteins maximally saturate it.

What time is the gym for weight loss it is better to choose — you decide. It all depends on your free time feeling at certain hours, pace of life and the quantity of excess weight.

Morning fitness: advantages and disadvantages

Physical activity in the morning some people are given very hard due to the fact that they are not used to getting up in the early hours, never able to Wake up and cheer up. In addition, after the lesson, at least for one hour can not eat anything from the training effect. But if you need in the morning to go to work, what about Breakfast? Not to eat at all is not the answer. You can take a snack with you to work, but it’s problematic, and to be called a full Breakfast can not.

In addition to these drawbacks, morning fitness has its significant advantages:

  • Helps to curb appetite.

Scientists in the UK conducted a survey among fans of Jogging and other physical activities, in which it was revealed that such people do not suffer from constant hunger throughout the day. In addition, it has been proven that during the morning fitness production of hormones that cause increased appetite, inhibited, and that is the reason for comfort of the athletes, without a strong sense of hunger. There is also triggered and mental attitude, after training in the morning, many people appreciate their efforts and try not to spoil the effect with overeating, which is not true about the gym in the evening.

  • Helps to burn fat.

In the morning the fat burning process takes place very rapidly, and if you connect another morning workout, the parting of the body fat will happen faster. Fitness in the morning is much more effective than in the evening, especially for weight loss, because it is the morning runs all vital processes in the body. Exercise accelerates metabolism, forcing him to work intensively throughout the day, hormonal system of the organism under the effect of physical activity comes into balance, and all contribute to a healthy, fast and natural weight loss.

  • Minimize the risk of injury.

A study was conducted which confirmed that after the morning’s physical exertion, the recovery of the body is 20% faster than the after party. In addition, the experiments proved that under the same loads on the muscles in the morning and evening negative changes in blood composition and the microtrauma of the muscles often arisen in evening sessions. All this speaks in favor of a morning of fitness, which is not surprising, because the body is much easier to adapt, to move the load and to recover after a good night’s rest than after a long day of work. Exercise in the morning helps to boost your energy and spend all day actively and vigorously.

The pros and cons of physical activity in the evenings

If you have the ability and strength to visit the gym, you sleep poorly and prone to stress, evening physical activity is what you need. In addition, the gym in the evenings has other positive properties:

  • Accelerates metabolism.

Metabolic processes in the body are slowed down by the evening, so everything eaten after 5 PM, unlike Breakfast and lunch, can have a negative impact on the figure. But with a properly constructed workout, you can accelerate the metabolism and reduce the risk of deposits of excess fat.

  • Promotes long-term fat burning.

When after a workout you eat a light protein dinner and go to bed in the body throughout the night the process of fat splitting, that is, the effect of an evening training session can last about half a day.

There are some flaws evening of fitness, which you also need to consider:

  • after a long day of work and grueling workout possible in the throes of hunger and this can result in overeating and problems for the shape, so an hour before training is better for something to eat;
  • if you train very hard in the evening, you may have difficulty falling asleep;
  • after a hard day might not have neither the strength nor the desire to play sports.

Choosing a time of fitness workouts, consider your biorhythms. If you are a lark — a morning training for you. But if you are a night owl, then it is better to do in the evening in order not to violate their usual rhythm of life and did not enter the body in stress.

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