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The official results of the Amateur Arnold Classic Europe festival 2018 in Barcelona

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Three day of the sports festival Arnold Classic Europe in 2018 in Barcelona ended with results that have become available on the official website of the Federation of bodybuilding and fitness IFBB Int, under whose auspices was held the competitions. More than 1,000 athletes were compared on the Spanish scene for all categories in men’s and women’s divisions. Winners are waiting for prizes, titles the festival maps professional athletes IFBB Elite Pro and points for qualification in ranking in the world championship IFBB World Championship. Among the Champions and prize-winners of the festival Arnold classic Europe in 2018 in Barcelona a lot of Ukrainian athletes, the awarding of which held the legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger).

Tournament photos are available at:

2018 Arnold Classic Europe – Mens

2018 Arnold Classic Europe – Masters

2018 Arnold Classic Europe – Juniors

2018 Arnold Classic Europe – Womens

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