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The objectives of crossfit – sports without limits

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Crossfit – modern period, brought together in its ranks the representatives of different sports: wrestlers, athletes, etc. the Creator of this trend was a gymnast Greg Glassman, who developed high-intensity workouts incorporating gymnastics and weightlifting exercises.

The objective of crossfit is the rapid development of functional capabilities of the athlete. Efficiency and effectiveness in the use of these complexes has attracted the attention not only of representatives of the sports world, but also law enforcement agencies.

The purposes and principles of crossfit

The main aim of crossfit has been an intensive development of systems and promotion of health. Versatile loads that are applied on the trainings, is able to make you a tempered, stronger and more adapted to the demands of real life.

Fans of crossfit, invited the founder of the trends to create an official website so everyone could see the proposed training and to select suitable. Since 2007 people who are passionate about this sport began to unite and hold annual competitions.

All the exercises are varied, which is necessary to obtain full and harmonious physical development. Crossfit is not a sport – it is a way of life that has managed to unite people in community. Friends training prefer to spend my free time to improve body shape and aiming to get to summer events.

High-intensity functional training are held almost without interruption, which is a striking feature of crossfit.

The basis of the lessons based on easy and weightlifting, and gymnastics elements that make them universal.

Special expertise in training no, the load goes directly on the whole body. With each lesson, not like the previous one. Anyone can set their priority in a particular sport, selecting or gymnastics, or aerobic exercise, or strength training. The chosen set should be chosen appropriate diet.

Close attention is given to cardio because to serious loads, you need to prepare the cardiovascular system.

To practice you should pick up the following inventory:

  • Practical clothes with compression quality, to prevent undesirable stretching or damage to ligaments.
  • Hard sports shoes to fix the foot.
  • The calipers on the knee joints to exclude injuries.
  • Comfortable gloves for training on the horizontal bar, parallel bars and rings.
  • A yoga Mat or gym optimum thickness for pumping the press.
  • Jump rope as the main equipment for cardio.

In almost every gym there is always an inclined bench for exercises to strengthen the press, not the high step platform, the weights on the limb and an exercise ball for stretching.

Three main types of exercises – the base for the crossfit

  • Vigorous exercise for cardio. They include: exercises with a rope, running of any kind, burpee, jumping on a step-platform.
  • Any gymnastic exercises.
  • The elements of weightlifting, including with weights.
  • Ideally, the complex includes all three types, but most use a combination of the two.

    The standard training

    During the lesson involves a set of exercises which is called the Waters. Many famous coaches have participated in the development of copyright WATERS. Any WATER is composed of standard exercises, called “station”.

    Here is an example of a simple complex of four “stations”:

  • Jumping rope – 200 jumps
  • Burpee – 20 reps
  • Pull rod with a given weight towards chest 10 times
  • Squats with weights – 10 times
  • The performance of these elements is referred to as the “circle.” Usually WATER consists of 3 or 5 of these “circles”. The complexity of any classes you can change to increase reps and set weight. For the comprehensive development of the sports form WATER is always composed of a combination of cardio and strength exercises.

    There are fixed rules prior to conducting crossfit workouts:

    • Warm-up required before each class.
    • Observe the maximum technique of doing exercises. The load should be increased gradually.
    • After each complex make a hitch with crunches or stretching of the muscles.
    • Between sets, try to minimize rest time.
    • Do not overextend yourselves and worsen the condition.

    Crossfit is popular because a wide variety of training, the implementation of which is not only fun and every lesson is new.

    If you need unique daily training and want along with the excellent physical form to acquire stamina, strength and good health, then crossfit is your sport.

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