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The new title sponsor of the Mr. Olympia 2019 – delivery of ecological food Trifecta

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Breaking News: the Largest delivery service of organic food Trifecta can now add another impressive line to his resume, being named a major sponsor of the show Joe Weider”s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend.

Olympia Chief officer Dan Solomon (Dan Solomon) said this on behalf of the organizers of Olympia after signing a deal for five years:

“Our commitment to expand coverage of the entire community healthy lifestyle has led us to a Trifecta. Food delivery was a real turning point in the industry of fitness. The Trifecta of service, food quality and leadership helped them to climb to the top of its niche”.

General CEO-Director Trifecta Greg Connolly (Greg Connolly) happy to participate in the biggest fitness event:

“A great honor for me to join forces with the most influential in the world of fitness competitions as a title sponsor. Legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnold Schwarzenegger), made his name thanks to the show of Mr.Olympia, and to this day is the greatest in the world exhibition of sports nutrition products. Trifecta is perfect as the title sponsor providing a program of diet and nutrition to the highest level on the planet, which helped Champions such as Sean Roden (Shawn Rhoden), climb to the top of the sport. We are extremely excited about this partnership.”

It is a good cooperation for the Trifecta as they will become part of the advertising and the media that cover more than 120 million people.
The company provides only the highest quality food and working with PGA and UFC, as well as with many well-known athletes. This is a very exciting time for the Trifecta as they will become more ambitious as a company providing services for many large organizations and individuals.

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