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The need cardio for weight loss

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The need cardio for weight loss

As argued by the ancient Greeks to be strong, beautiful and intelligent – you need to run. They were so sure of this, that even the dictum carved in stone.

Virtually all fitness enthusiasts it is running is a symbol of a cardio workout. Let’s start with the fact that this exercise is not the only one and there are many more variations of classes on the principles of HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Generalizing the term “cardio” exercise is called, is designed to increase the load on the cardiovascular system due to the involvement of a large number of muscles and muscle groups. So many fitness lessons consists of running, fast walking, lunges, dips, etc. that are on the queue one after another almost without rest. In a case involving all muscle groups to work it is called circuit training. These classes are designed to accelerate the metabolic processes in the human body and to create the conditions for the incineration of subcutaneous fat.

That includes cardio exercise?

On the one hand, everything seems logical and more than obvious: cardio training is mandatory for those who are struggling with excess weight. So what’s the problem? Opponents running as an effective means of weight loss popular 2 the following argument: low calorie consumption during the exercise and halt weight loss with the end of the cardio workout. Thus the point is not in contradiction to the principles of healthy lifestyle and low efficiency of the tool, critics say running.

But all this is more like emotions than on expert opinion. Because in any business the first important qualification of the specialist and only then you can judge about used gun. First, significantly increase the calories burned during cardio will help different intensity exercise. If every few minutes to run hard for 30-40 seconds, then the work enters the maximum number of muscle fibers. This approach will increase the power consumption and consequently calories at times.

The effectiveness of cardio workouts

On the process of weight reduction, it’s running as a reliable recipe used for thousands of years. That is a long load downright forces the body to use stored fat as the glycogen stores in the muscles are depleted already after 25-35 minutes of intense load. Adding to the accelerated metabolism the proper nutrition, you get the effect is able to surpass even the wildest expectations. Remember that Jogging is not necessary any expensive gym nor fashionable dresses, just start – because the road is only going.

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