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The myth about the benefits of physical exercise for weight loss

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The value of physical exercise in the fight against obesity. Why is there a myth about the benefits of sport for fat burning? How to achieve the result, doing fitness. The answers to these questions, we will give in this article.

Among the most common causes of sport – the desire to lose weight. Many people invest a huge effort in training, without effect. Not understanding the reasons for what is happening, they begin to engage more, causing harm to the body. To prevent such an outcome, it is necessary to understand why exercise for weight loss – the biggest myth in sports.

The history of

In the 30-ies scientists were convinced that exercise slows down the process of weight loss. Medical professionals involved in the treatment of excess weight, recommended to patients to minimize physical activity to eliminate fat. The basis of the described methods was the study confirmed the increased appetite of individuals with a sporty lifestyle.

In 40-ies of the new study was conducted that determined the increased calorie burning during exercise. Scientists determined the duration of the workouts to burn calories when eating certain dishes.

The myth about the benefits of fitness for weight loss appeared in 60-ies in the United States.

The idea was built on the principle about burning calories during exercise. As a consequence, there was a similar opinion about the effect of exercise on fat.

The famous French scientist Jean Mayer conducted a new experiment with the participation of 32 girls scouts. The scientists found that the shapes of the participants, pay attention to physical exercise, have a low rate of body fat. On the basis of the result Mayer has made a number of works describing the influence of lifestyle on the formation of fat. The Professor marked the beginning of the myth about the effectiveness of physical exercise in burning excess weight.

Popularization of aerobics

Dr. Kenneth Cooper first coined the term “aerobics”, developing a course of exercises to improve the cardiovascular system. In the late 70-ies of a researcher published a book, implying the concept of “aerobics”:

  • run;
  • brisk walking;
  • swimming.

The author indicated that physical exercise enhance health, promote lung development, increase resistance to diseases. The book contains no statement about the relationship between exercise fitness and decrease body fat.

In the early 80-ies started selling video training authored by actress Jane Fonda. The movie star spoke about the importance of aerobics and diet for the formation of a sports figure. Videos Actresses found popularity among millions of people. The part regarding proper nutrition, no longer be considered fans – beginners moved exclusively to strength training.

In modern society, is a deliberate promotion of the myth described. For fitness and built a business:

  • open gyms;
  • is the proliferation of fitness trackers, sports drinks, clothing;
  • is selling sports programs for weight loss.

For this reason, most people do not have the opportunity to learn about the real impact of the training on getting rid of excess weight.

Debunking the myth

Research Jean Mayer have a real reason to. But the Professor did not take into account individual genetic characteristics. People suffering with childhood excess weight are calm measured way of life. For men and women who have received from nature a thin body type, characterized by a high level of activity. The structure of the body forms habits, so the statement about the connection of physical activity and burning fat – partially misleading.

The peculiarity of human body is to use 3/4 the received number of calories for maintaining internal processes. Early studies scientists didn’t take into account the described factor, so the calculations are not correct. Intense physical exercises are not able to spend more than 30% of the total number of calories received by the body since the figure limit.

By restricting the number of products, as well as reducing the total number of calories consumed at least 1/6, you can get the effect, equivalent to a half-hour jog.

The importance of diet

Physical exercises play an important role in strengthening of the body, development of muscles, enhance immunity. But without a balanced diet fat burning is impossible. Reducing food intake is not a good decision. The main task – to balance the diet, increasing the calories you burn.

A positive effect to reduce excess weight when used together workouts with diets is possible, if you are calculating the consumed nutrients according to the scheme:

  • 10% fat;
  • 30% of proteins;
  • 60% carbohydrates.

This relation contributes to the effective breakdown of fat cells along with exercise.

Physical activity

To create a calorie deficit with physical exercise almost impossible. The body stores sufficient energy to recover from heavy workloads without getting new calories.

The main merit of improving metabolism. The condition speeds up the metabolism and calorie consumption accumulated by the body increases. Have described the features have a drawback: the stable load support adaptation of the body. The body begins to store more energy. The athlete less tired during a workout, virtually burning calories.

Typing a certain weight, the body fixes the condition, believing it to be normal. The body perceives attempts to lose weight as stress, the process slows down, and the effect of training is reduced to a minimum.

To eliminate excess weight and fitness should be combined with diet. Experienced athletes periodically change the training program, not allowing the body to adapt to the new conditions.

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