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The most unusual fitness equipment home

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The most unusual fitness equipment home
The contents

  • Trainer IQflow — stylish and multifunctional device
  • Olavanna Fit Wet — fitness for lovers of water sports
  • Vacuum simulator that creates increased physical activity
  • 16 exercises in an office chair Gymygym: really?
  • A machine that simulates horse riding

It is no surprise standing in the apartment treadmill or stationary bike, and some tools in your whole house gyms. This is very convenient because to keep myself in good shape don’t need to spend time on the road to the sports club and buy a monthly subscription. Fitness at home is gaining in popularity, especially since manufacturers are constantly coming up with something new for fans of the workouts at home.

Trainer IQflow — stylish and multifunctional device

When choosing a trainer for fitness workouts at home many people consider the floor space, because not every equipment is able to fit into a small “Khrushchev” and not to violate the interior design. It is for these people who care not only about their health but also the elegance and style of the surrounding space, manufacturers have created a simulator IQflow. Notice its in the room is not so easy, because it is disguised as a piece of furniture, it does not take up much space and blends in well with the surrounding objects.

In addition, he is one of the most versatile exercise equipment that allows you to pump most of the major muscle groups. In memory of the device has some basic training programs that you can set and change at their discretion. This simulator allows you to perform lots of exercises to work out the abdominal muscles, chest, back, buttocks, etc. the Test load also can be controlled at will in accordance with the level of physical fitness.

Olavanna Fit Wet — fitness for lovers of water sports

Training in water is not new in the world of sports. Water aerobics already sunk to the most remote corners of Russia, giving many women the opportunity to combine physical activity with swimming and to obtain from such fitness huge pleasure and benefit. Aquacycling representing the exercise bikes in the pool of water had not yet received such a large spread, but is of interest of those for whom the Bicycle was and still is the main means for the realization of their dreams about a slim body and pulled up.

The classes are group classes, but those who do not have the opportunity to attend training in specified pool watch, you can look at the simulator, which has a bath with overhead bike. Now everyone can enjoy aquacycling at home, receiving from him two times more benefit, because in the water to train harder so muscle will be developed much better and more active.

Vacuum simulator that creates increased physical activity

If exercise bikes or ellipsoid ceased to bring you pleasure, and improve results, you also do not see, try your hand on the vacuum machine. This innovative equipment combines the four simulator — stepper, treadmill, cycle upright, elliptical and stationary bike. Particularly impressive is its appearance: resembles some unknown space ship, she hides the lower part of the body of the athlete, while the upper remains on view. Perform all exercises in the conditions created by the vacuum, and can control this process by controlling the computer in front of him.

The makers of this miracle-technicians claim that in a vacuum the athlete spends 5 times more energy than conventional simulators. In addition, during the training process improves blood microcirculation, increasing nourishment and oxygen supply to the cells, which promotes weight loss and getting rid of cellulite. Is this trainer for fitness at home and another plus — depreciation coating which reduces the load on the joints and gives the opportunity to do it older and having different problems in the musculoskeletal system.

16 exercises in an office chair Gymygym: really?

What is the representative of many “office plankton” has not dreamed of the opportunity to stretch their legs during a long day of work? Physical activity for knowledge workers is a luxury, but today it is available to everyone. You can try to persuade the chief to equip the office with such wonderful chairs, and if you are a freelancer, then buy and install at home. At first glance, this ordinary office chair equipped with armrests, headrest and castors for movement, but it is only at first glance. Chair-the simulator has four pairs of elastic harness-expanders, stretching that you can work out large part of muscle groups.

The creators of the Gymygym chair claim that it can be used to perform a variety of exercises, both sitting and standing, adjusting the level of the load. The chair allows you to master at least 16 workouts and after exercise to return to their usual duties, fixing the tents on the frame of the chair with magnets for comfort and safety. Of course, the chair will not help to bodybuilding, but to solve the problem of inactivity, to make the prevention of obesity and cardiovascular ailments completely.

A machine that simulates horse riding

Necton such was equipped gyms Soviet sanatoriums and hospitals enough to remember everyone’s favorite movie “Love and pigeons”, where the main characters were treated “organ movement”. Today, anyone can take part in the run, and you do not even need a live horse. Enough to buy a machine that simulates horse riding and to do at home. Ipurangi simulates 100 different movements of the animal and allows you to not only master the riding skills, but also to improve their health, to solve a variety of problems, in particular, to improve posture, coordination, functioning of the vestibular apparatus.

Such physical exercise may even help to lose weight and recover after injuries and serious illnesses, right before class it is better to consult with your doctor. Experts say that one hour of exercise really burn as much energy as 4 hours of Biking or 5 hours of sailing.

Here are the trainers for fitness at home exist today. Of course, they are not affordable for all segments of the population, and not any trainer can find in the free market, but if you have the desire and opportunity, they should use for keeping yourself in shape.

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