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The most unusual clubs: creative ideas

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The most unusual clubs: creative ideas
The contents

  • Fitness club at the firehouse
  • The club office
  • Eco-friendly fitness
  • Mobile fitness club
  • Fitness for nudism: exercise in the Nude
  • Workout together with celebrities

Today, in the era of mass entrainment healthy lifestyle, everywhere opened countless fitness clubs and gyms. Most of them have the standard look, but there are outstanding sports facilities whose owners are using creative ways to attract customers. Someone is betting on the unusual location of the club, someone offers a brand new kind of services in fitness, and someone who attracts customers with the opportunity to practice in the same room with their idol — star sports, movies or show business.

Fitness club at the firehouse

The owners of the sports center Firehouse Fitness in the state of Texas (USA) as the location of his establishment chose the building of the firehouse. Where before was based fire, now fitness lovers spend strength training, doing yoga, Zumba, martial arts. Visitors to the club can do the exercises independently or use the services of a personal trainer. You can also sign up for group classes. The club works for the franchise, so the owners have the opportunity to creatively develop their business. The school belongs to the same family and the atmosphere here has been family. The club even has its own kitchen where everyone can prepare some simple and healthy snack for recuperation after a hard workout. And particularly distinguished athletes, broke up with the greatest number of pounds, fall on the club honours Board.

The club office

Sedentary work in the office — at the root of many health problems. The lack of physical activity contributes to the development of various diseases, including obesity, atherosclerosis, hypertension, osteoarthritis, depressive disorder. About the negative consequences of inactivity heard many, but not every office worker seeks to compensate for the lack of muscular exertion regular physical exercises in the workplace and exercising in the gym. Many hesitate to do the workout in front of colleagues. And not all have the strength and time to after a hard day to get to the gym and work out a workout.

But what if you combine the business center and fitness club in the same building? This idea came to mind the founders of Brooklyn Boulders. This is the name of a network of sports institutions, each of which combines the collective office (coworking), a fitness club and a climbing wall. These non-standard institutions located in new York, Chicago and Somerville. Every new client the first thing is the safety instructions and familiarize with the rules of conduct of the club. The main duties of the customer: every half an hour to perform at least 5 squats and pull-UPS, and also to have a conversation with a stranger. Everyone working in this office center can enjoy free access to a gym, attend seminars on fitness and to participate in group classes in yoga and capoeira.

Eco-friendly fitness

Brand EcoPower Fitness offers environmentally friendly fitness. In two institutions, working under the brand, Bicycle exercise equipment connected to generators, and when pedaling produces electricity, which is consumed for the lighting of halls, ventilation of premises, work audio and video equipment. Thanks to this creative idea network of institutions EcoPower Fitness has attracted media interest, became widely known in the United States and now can not complain about the lack of customers. Although initially the owners just wanted to save on electricity bills. But it turned out that they launched a new trend. Their example was already followed by other fitness facilities, and the demand for this service among the fans of the HLS is growing steadily.

Mobile fitness club

In new York you can see amazing buses that are gyms on wheels. They are equipped with fully functional equipment and invite everyone to practice. In fact, these buses are not designed to replace the usual gyms. This is only part of a large network of sports clubs Inform Fitness. The network consists of institutions of a standard type, and mobile fitness — original advertising move. However, in this bus it is possible to train with a fairly high efficiency. Visitors are offered classes in modern fitness programs have been developed by real professionals.

Fitness for nudism: exercise in the Nude

In the West, periodically open places focused on nudists, including centers for fitness. So, Spain’s first sports center where training is conducted in the Nude, became the club of the Easy Gym in the town of Arrigorriaga. There are many nearby nudist beaches, famous throughout Europe, it is not surprising that the country’s first nudist gym has arisen here.

Naked fitness is currently practiced in other European cities. For people who prefer to exercise in the Nude, open private halls, to allocate special hours of training, and such services find their consumers.

Workout together with celebrities

California club Wild Card Gym is popular among fitness enthusiasts, largely due to the fact that it is often visited by celebrities. Look down here actors, stars of show business and famous boxers — the holders of the titles. This is the policy of the club: the school contracts with famous athletes, movie stars and the entertainment industry. According to the agreement, stellar customer of the fitness centre is obliged to hold in the walls of the institution a certain number of workouts per month. And the exercises were held in the common room, next to the usual visitors. Thus, the lovers of physical exercise get the opportunity to see up close their idol, and even chat with him about what makes this institution very popular.

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