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The most harmful nutritional supplements: know the enemy in the face!

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It is much easier to understand the composition of the product, if you know what it means the code Is a digital code that specifies additional ingredient introduced into the composition. If the code starts with the unit, it is food coloring. 2 is preservatives, 3 antioxidants. 4 is a stabilizers, 5 -emulsifiers, they preserve the product structure is uniform. Amplifiers of taste and aroma begin at 6. A four-digit code, this indicates the presence of sweeteners.

Not all E harmful. Hiding under some completely harmless things like vitamin C or lutein.

A list of harmless E supplements small:

E100 — Curcumins.
E101 — Riboflavin
E106 — Riboflavin-5
E160a — Carotenes
Е161b — Lutein
E300 — Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
E306-Е309 — Tocopherol (vitamin E).
Е440 — Pectin
Е641, Е642 — L-leucine and lysine (amino acids).
Е916, Е917 — Calcium Iodate

To unhealthy E the situation is worse. Don’t buy products if their label you will find the following markings:

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