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The most energy-intensive strength exercises

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The times when they believed that weight loss requires only running or other cardio are long gone, the effectiveness of strength exercises to get rid of excess weight has been identified and confirmed. Strength training takes a lot of energy, that is, burn a huge amount of calories, such loads can get rid of fat mass and gain muscle at the same time. Some of the strength exercises are characterized by increased energy consumption, here are listed exercises that burn calories perfectly.

Strength exercises help to lose weight in a complex way, they burn many calories and boost metabolism, causing the body to spend more energy at rest. Remember these five exercises if you are interested in losing as many calories as possible in strength training.


With the barbell on your back, you get a sophisticated version of the basic exercise. Squats with a barbell on the back use the whole body, and therefore burn so much energy. The lower part of the body receives a dynamic load, which will receive more load – the buttocks and biceps of the thigh or quadriceps, depending on the position of the legs.

The upper body receives a static load, it is involved, including the press, and this is a very large muscle.

Dumbbell Lunges

Making lunges with dumbbells in dynamics is difficult, not only physically, but also in terms of compliance with the technique. To perform this exercise, you need endurance, a good supply of energy does not hurt, since many calories will burn during the exercise. The muscles of the body are subjected to static load, most of the dynamic load falls on the back of the muscles on the legs – buttocks and biceps of the thigh.

Dumbbell Lunges


It can be performed with different legs – standard or sumo, wider, in any case, the exercise will be very energy-intensive. The exercise is very complex, it provides a high load on the buttocks and legs, as well as on the back – on the upper part and extensor muscles.


Wide grip pull-ups

It is no secret that the volume and distribution of the load during pull-ups depend on the location of the hands. Learning to do push-ups with a wide grip, you will spend a lot of calories, and also provide a significant load on the forearms and biceps, round back muscles.

Wide grip pull-ups

Barbell bench press

If you need a truly energy-intensive exercise – do a bench press lying. Exercise does not just burn energy, but works through the entire shoulder girdle, provides a load on the shoulders, biceps and triceps, pectoral muscles.

The most energy-intensive exercises include those that affect several large muscle groups or make the whole body work, for example, as a deadlift. Each of the exercises listed here is appropriate in any program, as it is designed to achieve several goals at once.


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