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The most dangerous exercise equipment for women

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Girls go to the gym in order to make their body perfect, so they think about productivity and results, often forgetting about safety. At the same time, many simulators seem to be designed to cause injury. Getting injured is easy, recovering from it is difficult, long, sometimes also very expensive. The most common injuries for the gym are muscle strain, damage to ligaments and joints. Here are the most dangerous gym equipment for girls.

In theory, the design of any simulator is created so that it can be safely practiced. Classes of an experienced athlete on the simulator will be really safe, which can not be said about the beginner. Girls who have just come to the gym cannot calculate the measure of the load and choose the right weight. It also depends a lot on the correct technique, the simulator will not do the exercises for you. For this reason, some cars in the hall become objects of increased danger.

Leg Breeding Trainer

This is one of the first simulators to which the girl will go in the gym. Many have heard that working on it will reduce hips, and sincerely believe in it. In fact, local weight loss does not exist, to reduce the hips, you need to reduce the percentage of fat in the whole body. If it is impossible to lose weight in the hips, then getting injured is very simple, it is enough to do the information-breeding legs with sharp movements. The load will pass from the muscles to the ligaments, which will cause stretching or even rupture.

Leg Breeding Trainer

Smith Trainer

Working with weight in the simulator seems safer than with free weights, but it also has its own risks. When doing squats in Smith, the bar moves strictly along a straight path, this creates a danger to the back and knees.

With natural squats, the trajectory of the neck will be curved, this corresponds to the biomechanics of the human body.

The simulator for a leg press

On this simulator, you can lift a fairly large weight, feel your strength, be inspired by the results. Also on this simulator, you can injure your lower back and knee joints, it is enough just to sit incorrectly before the start of the exercise and bend your knees too much.

The simulator for a leg press

Body rotation simulator

Using it is dangerous even under the supervision of a trainer, the risk of damage to the back, especially the lumbar, will be too high. Contraindications include all problems with the spine, even mild osteochondrosis. When performing exercises on this simulator, you will need to make turns with the body without using the pelvis, this is not a natural movement.

Body rotation simulator


Dangerous even when working without weights. Any action can become erroneous and cause injury – too fast or abrupt execution, too high or low fixation of the legs in the starting position. The danger extends to the muscles of the back, spine and knee joints.


How to behave in case of injury?

Any unusual and unpleasant sensation in training is a reason for its immediate termination. It will be possible to return to training the next time only after the complete elimination of unpleasant sensations, which can happen in a few minutes or several weeks. Serious injuries do not necessarily manifest themselves in severe pain, you can not even guess that a little discomfort is a dislocation, a break in the ligaments or a fracture. Recently acquired injuries are much easier to treat than chronic ones, therefore, you need to seek help immediately, and not after a few days. If the pain did not go away after a couple of hours after the forced cessation of training, then you need to seek medical help.


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