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The military press in the power fitness: exercises of different difficulty levels

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The military press in the power fitness: exercises of different difficulty levels
The contents

  • The distribution of physical activity in the military press
  • The classic version of exercises
  • The military press in a seated position
  • Press from behind the head in a standing position
  • Bench because of the head sitting
  • Press from behind the head in the simulator Smith
  • The military press with dumbbells
  • Rules for effective strength training

A training for well-developed muscles of the shoulders. One of the most effective exercises to pump this group is the military press. Despite its apparent simplicity, athletes often make mistakes when performing this element. The military press provides rather high physical load. In order not to get injured and not to reduce the effectiveness of the training should adhere to the correct techniques and increase the load gradually.

The distribution of physical activity in the military press

The military press — mnogoetajnoe, the so-called “basic” exercise. During its implementation involves different muscle groups. Loaded some more, others less:

  • front and middle deltoid muscle bundles bear the load;
  • on the upper part of the back and chest is secondary;
  • indirectly loaded triceps and rear beams of the deltas;
  • buttocks, abs and trapezius muscles are also working.

The military press helps build mass and improve the shape of the deltoid muscles. The regular inclusion in the training that the fitness element in the classic version will help novice athletes develop the muscles. Experienced lifters use it to increase “explosive” power.

The classic version of exercises

Technique of exercise is necessary not only in order to avoid injuries. If adhered to, it is possible to achieve correct load distribution and to achieve the desired results much faster.

The military press in the classic version as follows:

  • Before performing these exercises you should do warm-up of the flapping motion, with light weight. So warmed up the Delta, and shoulder joints to prepare for the load.
  • You should use a rod with a neck of medium width with pancakes, secured by special locks.
  • Rod should keep a grip slightly wider than shoulder width. Beginners can navigate through the notches on the fretboard. Experienced athletes have the hands at a distance of 4-5 cm from the edges of the fretboard.
  • Stand under the barbell to the chest and shoulders were under the neck, remove the shell from the racks.
  • To step back and take the starting position. Keep your back straight, feet slightly wider than shoulder Department, the knee slightly bent.
  • Squeeze the weighting, squared his hands.
  • Lower the neck, but not touching it to the chest to keep the tension of the muscles.
  • Perform element the right amount of times.
  • Return the barbell on the rack or put it on the floor. The back remains straight.

When performing exercises must follow the breath and squeeze the barbell as you breathe out, lower it to breath.

Changing body position and direction of hands, you can perform other military bench under which physical activity will focus on various muscles.

The military press in a seated position

This kind of army bench more experienced athletes included in the training plan for a thorough study of the side and front beams of the Delta.

  • The warm up should consist of rotational movements of the shoulders, slopes.
  • To sit on the bench, the backrest should be slightly reclined.
  • To remove the bar from the racks and crank it up.
  • To return the fretboard to its original position.

Exercise can be a narrow or a wide grip. In the first case, the main load is directed to the front beam deltas and triceps. In the second — on the middle beam of the deltoids.

Press from behind the head in a standing position

This is a training movement is used to study the middle and front delts, long head of the triceps and muscle-stabilizers. Physical load in this variant is quite large, so it is traumatic and is not recommended for beginners. Not suitable exercise athletes problems with shoulder joints.

  • Get hooked under weighting. Grif positioning of the back just below the neck.
  • To remove weighting from the racks, to move away from them.
  • Squeeze the bar, straight arms. Linger for 1-2 seconds.
  • Slowly return the ballast to its original position. The angle at the elbows should be 90 degrees. If the exercise is done not in front of the mirror, lower the rod to the earlobes.

During the exercise the back should remain straight, chest should be forward.

To start training should be with light weight.

Bench because of the head sitting

This exercise loads the middle and the upper beams of the deltas. Because of the potential for injury it is not usually recommended for beginners. More experienced athletes begin exercise training on the shoulder girdle. To use much weight in this variant of the military press should not be.

Press from behind the head in the simulator Smith

Stand of the simulator Smith restrict movement of the neck — it can be moved only up and down. This allows to protect the athlete when performing a military press from behind the head.

  • Set the bench so that the bar is above the seat. Grif put on a stand just above head level.
  • To take up the neck wide grip, elbows should form right angles.
  • To remove the bar from the racks, squeeze up. Hands until the end to straighten.
  • Slowly lower weighting.
  • Perform 8-12 repetitions.

The military press with dumbbells

Instead of barbell military press you can use dumbbells. Due to the fact that they are harder to stabilize, the exercise becomes more complicated.

Performing dumbbell bench press, you must observe and do not chase the big weights. To Delta were in tension, it is necessary in the final phase of the exercise to keep his hands in front of him.

Rules for effective strength training

To do power training as effective as possible and avoid injury, you should heed the advice of professionals:

  • You can’t practice without a warm-up. Otherwise, due to the large physical exertion can injure the shoulder joints and damage the ligaments and muscles.
  • All movements should be performed slowly with correct technique. The body should be straight, lean back.
  • Athletes who have problems with lumbar spine, should be engaged in the orthopedic belt.
  • Shoes must have flat soles that don’t slide well fix the leg.
  • To increase the weight of the pancakes is not worth it, not yet worked out the technique exercises.
  • The military press sitting should be performed with the insurance of an experienced athlete.
  • These recommendations will help to safely enter the military press in your workout, to increase muscle mass and formation of relief of the shoulder girdle.

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