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The main judge of tournament World Fit Pro 2019 misled the winner?

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On Saturday, March 9, the professional League IFBB Professional League held a tournament Fit California 2019 World Pro, held in veterans Memorial auditorium in CULVER city, organized by producer center Jon Lindsay’s Musclecontest. The podium was taken by athletes of the same category Classic Physique – 10 athletes from the USA, Canada, Turkey and Spain. The winner was Marvin Cornejo (Cornejo Marvin) from Texas first of his eight starts among professionals. The messages in the network, after the ceremony, Marvin asked the chief judge of the tournament El Guindy Carnegie (Cornejovi El Guindy) qualification at Olympia, to which he said verbatim:

“If you win, you’re in, ”

English this means that the winning will be on show Olympia. By the end of last year, the official website of IFBB Federation Jim Manion wrote that in this category, in 2019 for winning are only awarded qualifying points as in the case of category mens-physicist and fitness bikini. Later, however, this information was removed. According to the updated data table System Olympia Qualification Standings, the winner of the California Fit World Pro 2019 Marvin Cornejo was not given a direct qualification.

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