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The legend of the Kim Protasov: fictional characters became world famous

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because Hebrew is a complicated language, and it is unlikely that someone will seriously look for the sources. But to find them will fail. Kim Protasov — completely and totally fictional character.

This name was invented in the late 90s, Gann sluzki, today popular writer, the daughter of Director Henry Hovhannisyan. Under the name Kim Protasov she conducted a cooking column in a publication. A diet that has gained international fame, Gunn advised her friend. After the publication of the diet in 1999, Gunn and forgot to think about it, as it invented the name Kim Protasov.

Imagine her surprise when she found that her diet on the second place in popularity, behind only the Dukan diet!

In 2013, Gunn has described the story on his page in Facebook, but still the fans do not believe that there was no Kim there, and diet is becoming more popular.

Followers do not mind neither the lack of a Network of biographical data Protasov, nor the lack of pictures, nor the fact that Protasov no one has ever done an interview and I did not remove the transmission, it is not even known how old he is.

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