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The layout of dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench

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Wiring dumbbells on flat bench is an isolation exercise for the chest muscles and anterior bundle of deltoid. More correct name – shoulder abduction in supine position, but almost nobody uses it. Exercise known athletes “old school” of bodybuilding, and is very effective. But lately, it undeservedly forgotten. Someone replaces the peck-deck, as it does not need to look for dumbbells, anyone refuses in favor of the presses in the simulator. In fact, when working with dumbbells is reached by a good stretching of the muscles, and isolated study. Therefore, we need only to study the technique and perform the exercise correctly.

The contents

  • 1 Correct technique
    • 1.1 Preparation
    • 1.2 Movement
    • 1.3 Attention
    • 1.4 Recommendations
  • 2 embodiments
    • 2.1 With the rotation of the brushes
    • 2.2 With a modified backrest angle
  • 3 Analysis exercises
  • 4 Training
  • 5 Mistakes
  • 6 Dosing load

Proper technique


  • Choose a bench of sufficient height that the thigh is parallel to the floor with bent knees;
  • Take the dumbbells in hand, sit on bench, place the shells on the thighs;
  • Helping himself with his feet, bring the dumbbells up to chest level;
  • To stabilize the shoulders by bringing the shoulder blades to the spine


  • By stretching the chest muscles to slowly lower the hands to the forearms parallel with the floor;
  • Elbows slightly bent, not inserted in a straight position;
  • To achieve maximum stretching of the chest, just feeding the chest up;
  • Allow the hands to the starting position;
  • To further reduce the target muscles at the top


The movement should not turn into iMovie, due to the full bending of the hands in the elbow joints. It should gently drop hands and return them to the starting position, concentrating only on chest muscles.

Strikes one of the other dumbbells at the top for easy job due to the inertia, and therefore they should not be allowed.

Too deep lowering of shells without a warm-up is the cause of injury of the shoulder and elbow joints.

The offset of the stop, the lack of tight focus and shifted back on the bench can cause the load vector, therefore they should be avoided.

You have to keep the dumbbells moving along an imaginary path through the center of the chest, and was in the middle. Conclusion their eyes changes the vector of application of force, and does not allow to load.


Newcomers begin to master the movement in a conventional technique, the palms are parallel to each other, the dumbbells facing each other. Movement the brushes are not allowed because they can distract the athlete from the beginner master the technique, and adequate power distribution.

If the dumbbells are heavy, we recommend lapping them up belayer, or you can use the technique of bringing the weight of the legs, which was mentioned above.


With the rotation of the brushes

It is believed that the rotation allows you to use more muscle fibers, involves the chest in. The movement can be done in several ways:

  • Start with the palms parallel to each other;
  • Turn your palms to the feet at the top;
  • Lowering in the starting starting position

The second option – the beginning of the exercise with the palms pointing down, and a slow turning of the scales to the center. Movement with rotation is to perform with a weight of less than usual. The purpose of the application of the variation – to vary the training, and to exclude adaptation. If it is not, and in front of us are a beginner, you can perform the exercise in this form.

With the changed angle of inclination of the back

Worth more than flat bench, and the smaller the angle, the more the emphasis shifts to the middle of his chest. The reference to the mid-chest is considered to be the angle of the bench to 45 degrees, more acute angles shift the load to the shoulders. Parallel to the floor surface of the bench is towards the bottom of the chest, but only if the blades of the athlete adequately kept.

The movement can be applied in men’s, women’s and rehabilitation training. The exercise is suitable for those who have a boob job or recovering from injury the shoulder joint, but these cases are very light weight.

Analysis exercises

The movement involves only one joint – the shoulder, elbow locked. So exercise will referred to odnoselchane isolating the chest muscles. But the exercise worked out and the front beam deltoid muscle, since it takes the burden off of maintaining your current weight. As stabilizers muscles of the body, the abdominals, legs, forearms and hands.


The only case when the exercise begins with this movement is the injury of the triceps, elbow joint, or the period after surgery for breast augmentation. Then you should make a full joint and several warm-up sets in the simulator “butterfly” with minimum resistance.

In regular training the movement comes after the basic exercises, so special training is not necessary, enough to make 1-2 passes with a lighter than working weight, dumbbells.


Straight arms leads to injury of the elbows, unstable position, and the inability to efficiently explore the target muscles. Therefore, “inserted” elbows exercise you need to do.

You should not imitate professional athletes with the video, raise your head, make swings with your chin, and perform the movement of “the whole body”. Nothing but health problems in the long term, it will not.

A sharp lowering, hand tremors, and “jumping” the whole body to lift the weight due to the inertia – also a technical error, they should be avoided.

The mixing blades to the lower back does not mean the implementation of a “bridge”. The back should be rigid and stable to lie on the bench, but to reduce the amplitude of this exercise are not worth it. If there is a tendency for the bridge, is to perform “wiring” on a flat bench, this will make life a waist, will allow a stable hold of the blade, but will not remove the load from the chest muscles.

Movement should occur in the same plane. Move the dumbbell to the head, stomach, or different reference trajectory of the projectile from the right and left hands is a violation. To control the trajectory of newcomer needs insuring or coach. For mental self-control choice movement as if encircling a big subject.

Dosing load

The distribution of the load in training is a very individual option. Many athletes with well-developed musculature and significant muscle mass tend to isolate muscles. They only perform isolation exercises so as not to overload the joints and ligaments, as may already have injuries. Such athletes can use dumbbells breeding as the main activity.

This approach is not suitable for beginners, and may not apply them. Their version – perform isolation movement immediately after the basic exercises of 3-4 approaches. How many reps to do? Depends on the response of muscles and training targets. In the women’s training sometimes do up to 15-20 reps with very light weights, if the goal is only to bring the muscles in tone.

The frequency of exercise depends on the training plan. The training of benchers of the powerlifters and “wiring” can meet up to 3-4 times a week, as an auxiliary exercise for the development of the breast. Bodybuilders more creative. Those who do focus on the chest, and perform two workouts of that muscle group, you can do the wiring twice. Is there any point in alternating light and heavy workouts? Yes, if we are talking about adequate planning.

The motion is sufficiently close to strength training in style, so you need to perform it with good technique, and to monitor the position of the body throughout the exercise.

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