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The joy of movement-alternative fitness training

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The joy of movement-alternative fitness training
The contents

  • Alternative fitness training
  • Bungee fitness and emotions
  • TRX: fitness exercises for endurance and weight loss
  • Jumping on a trampoline: fun cardio
  • Kanga hybrid-jump: jumping on springs

Fitness training to some extent should be present in the life of every modern man. This cheerfulness, energy, good health. And what is especially nice is the appearance and the joy of his own reflection in the mirror.

Alternative fitness training

For the first time after trying alternative forms of fitness workouts, people realize that they are more effective, because overall physical activity is added to the drive and energy of like-minded people, passionate about one sport. Is it bad when the fitness training meet people of completely different ages, professions and attitudes? However, despite all this, in sports, they are unanimous.

If you want to do fitness and habitual sports clubs tired or just seem uninteresting, it makes sense to consider alternative methods of pumping muscles and reloading the head. Not to be lost in the vastness of the Internet in search of suitable types of fitness, MedAboutMe prepared a review of the new non-standard types of fitness exercises designed for any fitness level.

Bungee fitness and emotions

This is fitness training, during which the person is attached to a dynamic rope, with the result that he will be able to experience not only the load on the muscles, but the sensation of flying. Bungee is an elastic rope, one end of which is fastened to the ceiling and the other to the belt of the athlete with a special belt. This ensures the safety of jumps. Such exercise ensure active work all muscle groups, so they are extremely interesting and effective. In one session you can burn up to 2000 calories. Bungee is both stretching, and cardio training, and power load. During the “flight” to unload the joints and muscles begin to work actively.

To do you can begin with any starting point physical fitness. By the way, if there are no problems with the vestibular apparatus, it is possible to take with you to practice a couple of girlfriends for company. Group fitness training is both a great speaker and pleasant emotions. A great opportunity to have a good time, and pump body.

TRX: fitness exercises for endurance and weight loss

The fitness story of a Bungee, only in this case are used two ropes attached to the ceiling or a special high bar. Essentially it’s two loops, which are necessary to alternately insert their limbs and to work with the weight of his own body. For this reason, the exercise is called a suspension.

Fitness training with loops was developed by the Americans for training special forces soldiers. Despite the relatively simple design, this simulator provides not only a large number of exercises but also a multifunctional training with workout of any muscles, including muscle-stabilizers, which are very difficult to “reach out”.

These fitness exercises are great for stretching and aerobic classes. A good fitness and for weight loss.

Of course, for some people static exercises seem harder dynamic. In the first case the athlete have to fix the position of the body for a while, forcing to work not only muscles but also tendons. Beginners this is not always. Therefore, according to experts, TRX is the second level for pre-prepared athletes.

Jumping on a trampoline: fun cardio

Jumping on a trampoline is a fun alternative to the classic fitness. During training, each participant gets to your trampoline and performs cardio, that is, jumps in a random order. First and foremost, jumping is a training of the heart muscle, and in the second strength exercises. By the way, thanks to good damping, exercises on a trampoline is low-impact for joints, than can not boast of each sports equipment. I want to note that jumping is not something that jumps on a hard surface. The last option is just very traumatic for the knee joint.

So nice to plunge into childhood memories, when, probably each of us would not refuse to jump on the trampoline, and even a fun music. Besides fun, the jumping is even and effective drying of the body that helps burn excess fat. So if you want to lose a couple extra pounds to fit into your favorite jeans — welcome to the trampoline.

Kanga hybrid-jump: jumping on springs

This kind of fitness is both a smile and admiration. And the rapture takes place in the double size. On the one hand, fascinated by the adaptability of the special “jumping” shoes, with the agility and lightness jumpers. Those boots look rather peculiar — they are equipped with a strong basis, like inline skates, but instead of wheels on the spring, helping to push off the ground and jump very high. Despite the apparent complexity, training does not require special training or the availability of special skills, and the shoes will be given to the athlete prior to exercise.

In this case, you don’t need to learn to stand on your shoes, such as skating or skiing. “Feel” the jumps and balance a lot of work almost immediately as guaranteed trainers-Kanga hybrid jumping. A nice bonus in the fact that in one session you can spend thousands of calories. The next day the muscles will say thank you for it.

This type of fitness training is designed not only to increase endurance and reduce weight, but also to strengthen the buttocks, abdominal muscles, the walls of the heart and blood vessels, development of all the muscles of the lower extremities. Lessons in this sport can be recommended for those people who want at the same time to get healthier, have fun and make an original selfie.

No matter what sport had to do in the first place should listen to your body. Classes should be manageable. And, of course, always comply with the instructions of the coach.

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