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The interval technique in exercise

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The interval technique in exercise
The contents

  • The benefits of interval fitness training for fat burning
  • Running as the most productive physical exercise for weight loss
  • Other types of cardio for effective weight loss

People who want to get rid of extra pounds, needs to understand that no magical means to achieve this goal does not exist. Only regular aerobic physical activity combined with proper nutrition within our daily recommended calories is the only true, proven and safe way to reduce excess weight. To strengthen the effectiveness of this method is possible only by creating a 15-20% calorie deficit and using during gym with cardio interval technique.

The benefits of interval fitness training for fat burning

The efficiency of interval fitness based on the fact that the technique in which high load periods alternate with periods of work at a moderate pace, makes the body as fuel to use fat cells rather than carbohydrates.

It is scientifically proven that exercise, in which heart rate steadily and systematically increased over a period of time, more actively stimulate the breakdown of fat cells than long monotonous fitness classes with fixed cardio. When using interval technology of heart rate in the recovery period, of course, is somewhat reduced, but the next intense phase when working at the limit of physical capacity, the heart rate speeds up again.

Thus, a progressive increase in heart rate, due to which there is effective weight loss due to these processes in the body:

  • at maximum heart rate the adrenal glands release large amounts of catecholamines.

These physiologically active substances catalyze the breakdown of fat cells into acid, which, in turn, are converted into useful energy. Due to this energy, the body can restore and maintain stable operation of all systems and organs after high-intensity physical activity;

  • during interval cardio training produces a greater amount of lipase required for the breakdown of fat cells than the average intensity.

It means that using interval techniques effective weight loss is more active.

Benefits of interval cardio training you can check, if you make a simple calculation. 13 minutes to one fitness classes in interval technique can carry 8 thirty second approaches, working at the limit of physical strength. In sum, it turns out 4 minutes of high-intensity loads, after which the body has to spend a large amount of calories to normalize the function of vital systems. Not every professional athlete is able to withstand 4 minutes of maximum physical exertion, a working interval technique, even people with a low level of fitness will be able to withstand the maximum possible for the organism load by breaking it into periods of activity and rest.

Running as the most productive physical exercise for weight loss

From the above it is clear that for effective weight loss interval technique is more efficient than the long cardio workouts that support a heart rate within 60-80% of your personal max. In addition, another important factor influencing the process of fat burning is aerobic exercise. If you choose the most energy-consuming sport, and use during fitness classes interval technique, the process of reducing excess weight can be accelerated several times.

Running is one of the most energy intensive types of cardio. An hour of Jogging man weighing 70 kilograms, depending on speed, can spend that amount of calories:

  • 563 calories at a speed of 8 km/h;
  • 809 calories if you run at a speed of 11 km/h;
  • 1056 calories at a speed of 14 km/h;
  • 1267 calories if you run for one hour at a speed of 17.7 km/h.

This high energy cost of running is due to the following factors:

  • running is a natural human exercise.

It is also the most active and effective form of physical activity. To run, one does not need to master certain specific skills, as it happens when doing other types of cardio;

  • while running, the muscles of the lower limbs is under additional physical stress due to the fact that, besides the immediate movement forward, leg muscles need to withstand the weight of the whole body.

And the more weight, the more load, the more calories the body needs to spend to ensure the normal functioning of all systems during intensive work.

Given the fact that people with a low or medium level of fitness is unlikely to be able to run for an hour at a speed of 14-17,7 km/h, the use of interval techniques while Jogging for effective weight loss — the most suitable and efficient option of burning maximum calories.

Other types of cardio for effective weight loss

People who medical contraindications it is not recommended to engage in such an intense form of physical activities like running, you can use other high energy-consuming types of cardio, for example:

  • Cycling.

Rotating the pedals at a speed of from 16 to 30 km/h, a person weighing 70 kg can spend from 422 to 844 calories. And using during Cycling on a stationary bike interval technique, you can reduce the duration of the exercise and further increase the calorie consumption for effective weight loss without negative effects on the joints of the lower extremities;

  • skiing or work out on the elliptical machine.

During this type of cardio on average you can spend about 1,000 calories per hour. If working on the ellipsoid, occasionally to increase physical activity to such an extent in which the upper limbs begin to work as intensively as the lower, it is possible to reduce excess weight.

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